Monday, February 14, 2011

REVIEW: World Series in World Green & Lioele Oil Paper

Whats up lovelies???

My apologies for going on an unannounced hiatus once again. Thanks for those who have been checking back but ended up in disappointment. :( I have just been really tired after work and gym everyday and before I can have anything productive done, it's bed time again. And I have had quite a few unplanned awesome but draining Friday nights after work. At the age of 22, I should probably be better with time management but clearly, I failed in that department.

 I know I am SO BEHIND press releases and my blog posts =.=" so I will try to have at least 5 posts up this week to compensate for that! I have quite some photos edited for them already, so I will probably draft all of them tonight and have scheduled post. We shall see about it. :) 

Excuses and ramblings aside, let's move on to the more interesting beauty-related stuff. :) 

CircleLens has sent me a pair of their Coloured Lenses in Green along with a couple of Lioele products a while ago (by a while ago, I meant around Christmas period! That shows what a procrastinating queen I am aye) for review purposes.

CircleLens is an Australian based company which carries cosmetic lenses, false eyeslashes and Lioele products. :) Don't forget to check them out! 

I am not 100% sure which series did it come from as I thought it was from the Magic Series but from the look of it, I am pretty sure its from the World Series in World Green .

Lens without any make up on.

*close up*

Lens with my current favourite FOTW look using my new Etude House Taupe eyeshadow I got during my Singapore-Malaysia trip

What I wore to work today and will be wearing for the rest of the week. :) Will do a more detailed FOTD for this look! 

What I think about this product?

As this is not from one of the circle lenses series, it appears to be more natural and less animated. For those who are new to the whole cosmetic lenses world, circle lenses are lenses which enlarge your eyes and give you a bigger pupil. I look way more animated and way more Asian when I put on circle lenses as compared to these lenses. I have gotten quite a few compliments from my friends telling me how natural they look and they couldn't really tell at first glance. (That means, I can continue pulling the I-am-half-Jamaican-half-Korean-joke. Don't ask me why but this is one of the phrases I like to use when I am drunk. =.=")

In terms of comfort, these lenses are really comfortable unless I wear them for more than 12 hours. Then again, technically, you aren't even supposed to wear normal contact lenses for over 10 hours, let alone cosmetic lenses which are supposedly drier. 

The only downside is these lenses aren't toric lenses and the power of the lenses are a tad off from my prescription. So, it does give me headache if I read or use the computer wearing these lenses. Hence, I can't really wear them to work. :( What a shame.

For FOTD - Simple & Easy Summer Look using Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether ft the World Series Lens in World Green

Click HERE.

The other products that were sent to me are: 


(That's my Kiki-K Pink Diary as background :P)
As you can see, it comes in roll-form in a PINK casing. :) At the risk of sounding like an utter bimbo, anything that comes in pink scores extra brownie points from yours truly! Hands up (or in this case, leave a comment :D) if you agree with me! :):):)

What I think about this product?

For someone with dry skin, oil paper is the last thing on my shopping list when it comes to buying beauty products. However, this oil paper came in handy in the past month or so when weather was scorching hot here in Sydney and especially when Sydney reached it's historical January temperature last week. A 10 minutes fast walk to station is enough to make me sweat buckets. Gross, but true story. Instead of using tissues (which will probably remove half of my bronzer), this oil paper is good for absorbing my sweat (and maybe some oil?) when I get to the station. 

Do keep in mind though, that is the ONLY time I use these paper. It might not be for the right purpose but it works for me and I am happy with it. In fact, I have just finished the final and last sheet last Friday. :( Good news is, temperature has been staying at mid 20s since last week, so I don't really need these oil paper anymore.




I have yet to try the face mask and the Trouble Patch so I can't really provide much comments about them. Nonetheless, I hope this review is helpful to those who are looking for cosmetic lenses. :) 

Have a great week, lovelies!

DISCLAIMER: These lenses are sent to me by CircleLensAu for review purposes. I am not paid nor am I affiliated with them. Everything is 100% my own honest opinion. 


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Angelique said...

Love the lenses and the look you came up with! It goes well with the color of the lenses! I also love how the lenses look more natural :D