Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FOTD - Au Naturale

IF you have been following me on twitter, you would of probably already known that I have caught the "gym bug" about 1.5 months ago. After "wanting" to join the gym for the past 2.5 years, I have finally committed myself once again (the last time was Fitness First and let's just keep it at "it was shit". shall we?) to a one year gym membership, but this time its with Vclub - which I am enjoying it so far. (not so whenever the soreness hits me, such as now!)

I try to go the gym 4 days a week (Monday - Thursday after work) as I usually stay back for Friday night drinks at work and go out after. Sometimes, I try to go on Saturday, that is IF I could be bothered tracking to  the city (which I have only done twice so far). That means, I have my work make up on most of the time when I hit the gym. I wouldn't say I have a "fully painted face" to work but I do have full make up on *click for my FOTW - working series* - BB cream/tinted moisturizer, concealer, setting powder, eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, highlighter, lipstick, eyebrows.... you get the drift. I really couldn't be bothered removing ALL my make up before exercising and secondly, I don't usually have much time between walking from work to the gym-the change and my classes. It is probably not a very wise thing to do by clogging your pores up while your sweat is trying to find its way out! Ahhh... we shall keep this for some other day shall we?

So, when I hit the gym during the weekends, I will make sure I have minimum make up on - just to brighten up my face. =)

For my eyes, all I did was fill in my brows (which is probably the MOST important step as it frames your face) and apply 2 generous coats of mascara. =)

I used Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazelnut and Loreal Voluminous Mascara (which has mysteriously disappeared! Now I gotta spring clean my vanity corner to hunt that little thing down!)

For my face, I just applied Cancer Council Australia Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30+, with minimum amount of Rimmel Hide The Blemishes Concealer and Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

For contouring, I used Maybelline Mineral Blush in True Peach and Milani Sunset Duo in Sunset City.

FYI, I don't usually apply lipstick before I exercise. Heck, I don't even reapply after all my lipstick transferred from my lips to my coffee lid LOL. But for the purpose of this post, and just so it's a complete look, I applied Rimmel Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Vintage Pink.

VOILA - Au Naturaleeeee!

I should probably go to work with make up like this instead of trying to be creative with my neutral colours. Maybe one day, when I finally choose beauty sleep over looking pretty LOL.

I know my eyebrows is abit WHOA but that's because I am growing it atm - hence.... gross LOL.
For those of you who hit the gym after work or school, I did like to know whether you remove ALL your make up prior to exercising OR you're a lazy ass like yours truly and exercise with your make up. I know it's not very attractive to have your make up melting like a chocolate lava while you're on a treadmill but fret not, I don't apply heavy face make up and I use good primer prior to applying my eye make up LOL, so I still look pretty presentable after gyming. Or maybe not, cos I will be drenched in sweat. *gross*

(Speaking of which, I saw this *pretty hot* chick touching up her make up and applying lipstick in the change room before exercising. And she turned out to be my "replacement" belly dancing instructor today, which btw, was shit in teaching.)

For those who don't, what are your thoughts on exercising with make up on? 

Now that I am done with CFA, expect a more frequent update! I have already had a few posts drafted.





Renee said...

I love the idea of purpose built gym make-up!

blushfully by cendana said...

Actually all the girls instructors I saw at my gym wear makeup!! ==" If I'm going from home then I won't wear or maybe just a little concealer here and there, but if I'm going after uni or work, then I can't be bothered removing and just go ahead and work out with my makeup on... Remove it later. Of course if I swim, I'd be completely bare...

I think you look flawless and still gorgeous with such natural look, Adeline!!! =)

Pop Champagne said...

depends which gym I go to, if I go to my cheap one then I remove all my make up and wear my glasses to go, but if I go to my expensive one where it's got hardwood floors and girls decked out in lululemon then I keep my eyeshadows on (and remove everything else). ha. you look so cute in these pics!

Anonymous said...

love the au natural look on you!! your lashes look really nice :) I went with makeup when I hit the gym after work lol. Then washed it all off after I got home!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

even with minimal make-up, you look gorgeous!
I don't work so I can't say if I remove them before going to gym, but since I'm using the hotel's gym and you DEFINITELY have to face people who know me so I do wear make-up to gym.

But mine just consist of normal Moisturizer (with NOT tinted and NO SPF as it can cause to clog with the sweat, water proof mascara, and waterproove eyeliner (BOURJOURS's clubbing eye liner is really good!). I found this is the best I could do with out looking too "dead"... lol! I don't really understand why would ppl want to wear full make-up to gym... Poor pores... :(