Tuesday, December 14, 2010

REVIEW: LO'real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

According to PRIMPED, LO'real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer is designed to give the skin that lovely soft, smooth and flawless finish. It's meant to smooth out complexion, which in turn masks wrinkles and evens out your skin texture. It also aims to disguise those annoying open pores we all get, giving you an awesome airbrushed effect. It will also make your make up slide on super easily!

Before I get into the product, let me give you a brief overview of my skin type. I have very dry skin and my main problem is undereye circles. I barely have any open pores (or at least I think I don't anyways). So, I before applying my tinted moisturizer/ BB Cream, I apply LO'real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer around my nose area because that's where I usually apply my concealer to reduce redness and my undereyes. After a layer of tinted moisturizer/ BB Cream and setting it with pressed powder, I applied another layer on my eyelid and undereyes as an eyeshadow primer before applying my eye make up. 

LO'real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer comes in a little pot as pictured above and its slightly pinkish but goes on clear. The texture is EXTREMELY smooth (think mousse) and glides on easily! It really makes applying concealer and BB Cream much easier and smoother, especially my undereye areas! I love using it for my undereyes circle. According to the reviews I read, it really helps conceal your pores but I can't comment on that. Do keep in mind though, while it works wonders on my face, it does not work as well as an eyelid primer. I would still go back to my ELF Mineral Primer or Urban Decay Primer Potion for that. As for the smell (for those of you who have been reading my blog should know that smell is part of my selection criteria), LO'real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer does have a little scent (which I can't really describe) but it's definitely no biggie. The main set back is probably the price - its retailing at RRP $39.95 for a small pot of product. But hey, if it disguise your pores and give you a flawless finish, its worth every penny right?

I will give it 4/5, the missing 1 star is how it works on pores. I don't want to be held accountable for false information. =P 

Have you tried LO'real Studio Secret Smoothing Resurfacing Primer? How would you rate it?
And for those of you who has pores problems, does it really help your disguise your pores as it claimed?

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