Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello lovelies!!!

What's crackin'? Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! Weather has been nothing but lovely here in Sydney and I am enjoying my last couple of remaining free weekends before I am back to becoming the slave to CA again. 


I was lucky to be invited to The Opening Night of Hairspray in Sydney and the after party last Thursday, thanks to Sweaty Betty PR!!!

You have no idea how excited I was when I received this invitation in the mail on Monday! Firstly, I have never been to a musical ever; secondly, I have heard heaps of good reviews about Hairspray and of course, Sweaty Betty PR organises one of the best events in town! I had such a fun time in the Australia Best Hair 2011 event (which I am yet to blog about... ooops), I know that this was gonna be as good, if not better.

More photos after the break. :)

The Beauty Bloggers "Pink Carpet Moment"

(Photo credit: Sweaty Betty PR)

MASSIVE complimentary lollies bag to give me my very much required sugar hit :) 

The musical goes for 2 hours and 30 minutes with an intermission of approximately 20 minutes. 

Hairspray was mindblowingly amazing and there's not one bit that I did not enjoy!
For those of you who are thinking of watching Hairspray, you definitely should! You will love it!
 I can forsee myself attending more musicals in the future for sure! 

After the show, we then proceed to Doltone House, which was just across from Star City for the after party of the opening night for Hair Spray. 

There were HEAPS of scrumptious food available, from hot pasta to lamb skewers to pizza to salt and pepper squid and the list goes on...... This mountains of mini Krispy Kreme doughnuts was one of them.

Because I am classy like this! And hey, I was STARVING!
Did I mention there was free-flow of alcohol too? Why does it have to be on a school night and I have work the next day? :(

Rockin' my favourite statement lippie - Illamasqua  Atomic!
Christina from Hair Romance

Bec, Mel, Yours truly.
And it was totally random bumping into my friend Mel at the after party!!!!

A party is never complete without a group shot!

And the long-arm-self-taken-group-shot. :P

Once again, a big thank you to Sweaty Betty PR and Schwarzkorf for inviting me to the opening night.

It was a wonderful night and I had a really great time in both musical and the after party despite having to go home before Cinderella! I wish I could have stayed longer and dance the night away with the girls but unfortunately I had work the next day. And after my epic hangover from the FAMOUS Weekly party a while ago, I learnt that its not the best idea to rock up to work with the worst headache ever. 

For those of you who are wondering about my hair, yes, I did go lighter. :) 

A sneak peak of my new colour:
The Before and After Shot. :)
I had my hair done at Atlantis Hair the night before, courtesy of Original Mineral
The curls was done by my lovely stylist Michael using the Cloud Nine Wand after he found out that I have this event to attend the next day. Did I mention my curls lasted for 24 friggin' hours??

I will have a more detailed post on my hair in the coming week after I receive all the information about the new Original Mineral products I used. 

Have you watched Hairspray or are you planning to?
Did you like it? 



Anonymous said...

awww i love musicals but i have never seen hairspray! i really recommend lion king and mamma mia! love your new hair colour - it adds warmth to your complexion!

wifluvelle said...

love ya curls!

xoxo elle