Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ladies and Shoes = INSEPARABLE + Mini GIVEAWAY

The title says it all. 

Well, at least to majority of the XX population. 

Trust me, despite questioning myself for the 94723472934723th time on why did I spend so much on heels that I barely wear but I am too tight arse to even pay more than 30bucks on a pair of flats, which I wear almost daily, I am yet to enlighten myself. 

 I figured, I will never find an answer to that question, just like how you will never get an answer to whether egg or chicken comes first. And the saying goes, if you can't change it, just brace it! :P 
While I have cut down significantly on spending on hot comefuckme heels and invest more on quality flats, gorgeous heels will always be my weakness. 

With full time work, gyming, blogging, social life and my chartered accountant program (which is about to commence soon again) in the picture, it is a mission to find time for shopping. At a physical store at least. However, with the online retail therapy emerging so quickly, there's nothing cannot be bought at the comfort of your own home, or even couch or bed. :P 

If you followed me on twitter, you would of probably known of my somewhat impulsive shopping spree from ASOS, Kit Cosmetics, Book Depository and the list goes on. Don't worry, it's all under control now. :)

This is also one of the reasons why retail group giant, Westfield introduced its ONLINE STORE with over 100 brands and retailers available. Now, the crappy wet weather is not a deterrent of your very much needed retail therapy anymore. 

Needless to say, >Women > Shoes is my favourite section! <3

This is what I ordered from Westfield Online and it arrived 2 days after the order has been placed!!!! Super efficient! Some stores even offer free shipping! That's definitely a plus point to me when it comes to online shopping, which I am sure it is to all of you beauties out there too. 

It looks SUPER HOT with skinny jeans and harem pants albeit the heels is a little too high, but nothing a little practice can't fix. :) I will try to take an outfit of the day with these gorgeous babies soon!!!

Ankle booties is definitely a winter staple in your wardrobe!

Before I sign off, I have a mini Facebook giveaway for my lovely Australian readers (sorry international readers!), courtesy of Westfield Online Women.

Simply head over to Through Beauty Eyes Facebook Page  , "LIKE" Through Beauty Eyes Facebook Page and leave a comment on the page letting me know what is your "must have" footwear - whether it is ankle booties, ballet flats, wedges, or even sandals. You may also upload a photo of your favourite shoes/ lemmings to share the love. :)

One lucky winner will win a $20 gift card! 

Giveaway ends this Sunday, 5 June 2011, 11:59pm AEST. 

What are you waiting for? Head over to Through Beauty Eyes Facebook Page and send in your entry now!
Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: The ankle booties mentioned above is a gift provided by Westfield Australia. The $20 gift card is also sponsored by Westfield Australia. Please refer to Through Beauty Eyes Disclosure Policies for more information. 


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wifluvelle said...

i luv boots too lol coz its warm
my favs are always from country road & nine west (especially from dfos, much much cheaper hehe)

xoxo elle