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Having your head shaved thrice when you were a kid is the main culprit of the extremely frizzy and curly (completely opposite end of sexy on the curls scale) hair, which dishevelled is the only word I can use to describe. Thank god for the chemical hair straightening technology, also known as rebonding in Asia which keeps my hair way more manageable and without looking like a lion run wild on the street.

I have rebonded my hair yearly, since 2002. Photo was taken in late 2008. 
That being said, I haven't exactly been into curls or wavy hair until the past couple of months, even when my hair was at its longest length, approximately 3 years ago! I have been rocking bob to medium length hair the past 2 years. I mean, I pay to get my curly hair chemically straightened, it doesn't make much sense to curl them again. Also, I have been into the uberly straight and flat hair for the longest time until lately. 

I have been wanting to curl my hair for quite some time but never really gotten into doing it besides the occasional oooohhh-ahhhhhh and envy while drooling over (not literally, or course) celebrities with sexy curls or waves. One of the reasons was because curls never last on my hair, which is fair enough considering that my hair has been chemically induced to stay straight. 

Therefore, when Elizabeth from Modiva contacted me and asked if I wanted to try Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron, it was almost an instant yes from me as I thought this would be a great opportunity to finally rock the curls-look. 

Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting much from Modiva as there are SO MANY different brands and types of curling irons in the market which aren't too bad but weren't great either unless you splurge on a GHD or something equivalent. The fact that their website isn't as "prettified" as some of the other hair products websites isn't exactly helping either. Yes, pretty sites catch my attention despite being WAY over 5 years old. :P

HOWEVER, I am completely blown away by this baby here, wrapped in a black box with pink interior.


Black stick........

Wrapped in a sleek black box with pink interior............

(I apologize in advance if I have any U18 readers here. You may skip this part and scroll down for more pictures. :P)

It resembles a you know what... Pink rabbit as what they called it in Sex And The City. :P You should have seen the look of my colleagues when I whipped the Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron out during Friday night drinks for them to try out. As if I would of have things like that delivered to work. Not saying I have ordered! 

A brief description of the product.


Turn it on, wait for it to heat up and wrap your hair around the curling iron and hold for 20-30seconds (depending on how tight you want the curls to be) and voila!

It comes with a glove which you're meant to put on while curling your hair to prevent yourself from getting burnt but I was a tad lazy while taking this photo. My bad.

A couple of photos of the final result:
My Saturday Night Hair Do


If I were to describe this product in one word, it would be AMAZING

Simply because :-
* Its easy to use 
(No clipping your hair in between the thong and all that bs)
* It doesn't apply direct heat to your hair like what curling your hair with a straightener does.
* Quick
(I was pretty surprised that I am able to curl my hair within 10 minutes consider how thick my hair is)
*Long lasting curls
(As mentioned before, curls doesn't last long with my chemically straightened hair but this one does, surprisingly. Photo evidence below)
 (Retailing at $89.95, its fairly reasonable for the quality you get!) 

The only setback of the Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron that I can think about is the fact that there's no indicator as to when the curler is heated up. However, it's not much of an issue to me as its usually ready to be used after switching it on for 5 minutes. 

Here's a comparison of the before and after look, with the Schwarzkoph Magic Hair Extensions :


With Schwarzkoph (I still have problem spelling this word!) Magic Hair Extensions without curling my hair. As you can tell, the top three quarter of my hair is fairly straight with the wavy ends of the extensions.


After curling my fringe and some of outer layer of my hair using  Modiva's 25mm Curling Iron

*This photo was taken 6 hours after I curled my hair without setting it with hair spray (as I was at work) and the curls were still going strong! Extremely impressive!*

Absolutely loving the combination of  Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron and Schwarzkoph Magic Hair Extensions !!!!

To purchase this awesome product, simply head over to: 

I have a little surprise to share with you readers who'd like to own this little gem here. 

Elizabeth kindly offer the readers of Through Beauty Eyes a whopping $30 DISCOUNT off your purchase of Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron.

Simply enter the special coupon code "Modiva" at the end of the online checkout purchase when you purchase from the Modiva website. 

This special offer will be valid until the 31 August 2011!

Have any of you tried Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron ?
I'd like to know your thoughts if you did. :)

DISCLAIMER: The Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Iron was provided to me for review purposes and Schwarzkoph Magic Hair Extensions was gifted to me during the blogger preview event. I am not paid for this post and will not be compensated for any sales made from this post.  As always, all opinions stated is 100% honest. Please refer to my Disclosure Policies for more information.



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Anita said...

haha you know I agree about the rabbit comment :) my bf thought the exact same thing.


Great review lovely!

Maeve Rachel said...

Ha ha the satc reference is priceless and I didn't even notice until you mentioned it! Obviously some of us are more innocent minded ;)

The curling iron looks great though! Your hair looks so pretty! =D

Cindy said...

I would've never guessed that your hair is naturally curly :D I really like the curling iron with the extensions combo, nice and wavy :)

I always thought having a clip was a lot easier than putting a glove on and holding it...

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

omgosh i want one!!!!!!!!

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