Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hey lovelies!!!

What did you get up during the weekend? I had an extremely quiet one on Friday, hoping to be able to do some Audit readings on Saturday but clearly, that did not quite happen. Instead, I slept in till 12:30pm (Ahhhh, sleeping in in this weather is such a bliss!!!), blogged (like, finally), catch up on blogs reading, edit my photos and watched Valentines Day (yeh, 5 months slow). Feel like a total sloth. =.=" 

Weather has been wet and gloomy all day, hence I wasn't able to take photos of swatches and products. Thus, any reviews or swatches of products that I have recently bought/ received will have to wait.

Anyhoos, I will be starting this new "Photolog" series - which is showcase random snippets of my life with photos. In another words, it's the "lazy" way of blogging. =P  

The first Photolog post will be a random Sunday a couple of weeks ago with my brunch buddy - Miss Wendy Ko, who now blogs on WendyAndCo. Do drop by her blog and show her some love <3

I have been trying out "gyaru-style" make up ever since I went from black to brunette

My first attempt on "gyaru-style" make up! 

Falsies - Checked
Circle lenses (by MUKUCHU) - Checked
Nude lippie - Checked

Miss Wendy & Co @ Pop-Up Project Cafe, The Rocks

Yours truly @ Pop-Up Project Cafe, The Rocks

Playing around with the settings of my new camera. :)

Iphone - Ray Bans - Rings 

SUPER CUTE teapot @ The Tara Room, The Rocks

Lets have some scones with some tea darlin'

It comes with 2 jams of our choice, sour cream and double cream to go along with the yummy scones. We chose some plum-ish and pear-ish jam. (how descriptive I know but this was a couple of weeks ago and I no longer have the memory of a 12 yo)

Apple crumble scones with chocolate chip

Sticky date scones

Good ol' plain scone with jam and cream! 

It costs us $10.50 each for the scones above and tea. Pretty good deal in my opinion! 
If you are around The Rocks area or if you're visiting Sydney, you should definitely check out Tara Tea Room. :)

We will be experimenting a new brunch area later around Paddington area, will definitely keep you guys posted! I am STILL contemplating if I should hit the gym before our brunch sesh as I have stuffed my face with heaps of junks yesterday (think: Cadbury flakes and ROAST DUCK) and I will be doing a 5-days-detox/cleanse program from Monday onwards, courtesy of Schkinny Maninny. Don't think I will be able to hit the gym then when I am surviving on juices and herbal tea. 

PS: Don't forget to enter my Modiva Professional Curling Iron GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. :P

What's your plan for the weekend / Sunday??



Denysia said...

Wow, those rings look really cool! :)
I'm into the huge ring fad right now!

Ashley said...

AHaha the tea pot looks so silly, I love it!
Sleeping in is by far the best after a super hectic week.

Michelle said...

You're so pretty! ^^ love the rings, and the food haha :)

Maeve Rachel said...

Love that gyaru style =) Looks great on you! I love your top and your white ring! The day looks like so much fun! =)

Noniek said...

Hmm... the food looks delicious!

Me, my best and I said...

Love the olivey tone shadow, your hair is looking rocking also , good job on the colour!! Need me that tea cosy- I have a thing for tea cosies!