Saturday, July 2, 2011

From Black to Brunette: Original Mineral Liquid CCT @ Atlantis Hair, Paddington

Happy weekend lovelies!!!

It's such a shame that I am being a slouch all day in this glorious Sydney weather - a post EOFY party effect. =.=" I have been stuffing my face with unhealthy food all day thanks to the hangover, don't really know how I used to do this every week at the start of the year. I guess, this is a sign of me ageing. 


If you have read my Hairspray Opening post, you would have seen my transformation from black to brunette. And as promised, here is the detailed post on where and what products I used for new colour. 


So, before I go on about my experience with Atlantis Hair and Original Mineral, I will give you guys a brief history of my hair dye experience. 

I didn't pop my hair dye cherry until late 2008, in which I bought my own hair dye from the drugstore (LOREAL if memory serves me right) and had my hairdresser dye it for me. Because I was fine back then, I never thought of doing a patch test before having my hair coloured in a salon mid 2009. 

And SNAP, I had the worst allergic attack EVER in my life. Think: swollen face (1.5 of its normal size or even double), swollen eyes (it was so swollen that my eyes were almost a straight line and you can barely see my iris), crazy ass rash at the back of my neck (which hardened up) and pusses on my scalp.

Gross but true. I had to take prescribed anti histamine and steroids for 5 days before the swell finally went down! I was guilty of being ignorant towards any form of allergic reactions but it wasn't till then that I started researching about the allergic reactions due to hair dye. 

Although I did *kinda* swear that I would never dye my hair after the traumatic experience of mine, I did get my hair coloured a year ago, using foils. Foils is definitely a better option as the dye doesn't have contact with your scalp and hence, reduces the chances of having an allergic attack. I was pretty scared that night, afraid that my face will swell to the size of a watermelon. Thank god, nothing happened. 

That pretty much sums up the story between me and hair dye. Due to the severe allergic attack, I haven't had the courage to dye my hair again despite buying the Liese Bubble Hair Colour during my Singapore trip last Christmas

 At the Hair Expo 2011, I had the honour to meet the owner of Original Mineral, Josie and was introduced to their 100% ammonia free hair dye products. You should have seen my expression when I found out about it and dying my hair doesn't seem like a mission impossible anymore. 

The lovely Josie was kind enough to invite me to Atlantis Hair for a hair colouring session, to try out O&M's new Liquid CCT hair dye. 

Liquid CCT is Original Mineral's newest invention, formulated with cutting edge hair colour technology, designed to enhance natural colour, add luminous tones and depth and is perfect for colour correction work. 

Enriched with antioxidant Tasmania Sea Kelp, Liquid CCT's formula also contains a unique blend of nourishing Macadamia and Argan Oils to leave the hair feeling soft, healthy and glossy. 

The BEST thing about Liquid CCT is it is AMMONIA FREE! Its good to know that your nose doesn't have to endure the "pungent" chemical smell when you have your hair dyed, which usually stays on for a couple of days. 

All shades of O&M Liquid CCT Colours are intermixable and include a clear shade, Liquid CCT Clear, which doubles as a colour enhancer and tone moderator. 

Warm peppermint tea was served the moment I sat down, which is perfect for this cold weather!!!
Atlantis Hair has a range of beverages, from coffee to different types of teas and even wine was on the menu to ensure that their customers are enjoying themselves while having their hair done!

This is Wayne, my colourist wrapping glad wrap around my hair after applying the Liquid CCT Colour.

Instead of using the usual steamer, I had this glad wrap around my head for approximately half an hour for the colour to settle in.

Fast forward - after washing, blow drying and a hair cut by Michael. It's time to work some magic using Cloud Nine Aus Wand. 

 Managed to snap a photo of Michael using the Magic Wand. 

Wayne, my colourist for the night.

Wayne was aware of my previous situation and was very attentive through the whole process. He checked on me every 10-15 minutes and make sure that there is no discomfort or any tingly sensation on my scalp. 

Michael, my stylist for the night. 

Michael decided to create this ring-curls look on me after finding out about the 60s cocktail themed Hairspray Opening event that I was attending the next day. 


I absolutely LOVE the gorgeous curls created using Cloud Nine Wand and it definitely tops my winter lemmings list! 

Just a couple of luvo shots with my freshly done new hair :

To be honest, the super light brown colour and the curls were a shock to my system at the start as I haven't been this light before and the fact that the curls make me look super asian (think: Japanese Gyaru style - which I am not really used to).

I got heaps of compliments on my new hair colour the next day at work as well as from my friends! 
A HUGE THANK YOU to Wayne and Michael for doing such a great job!!! <3

Here is a breakdown of the (permanent colours) products used on my hair:
- Roots: 8/1 - Light Ash Blonde
- Mid lengths: 9/1 - Very Light Ash Blond
- Whole head - Liquid CCT Gloss to give that glossy high shine

Courtesy of Atlantis Hair and Original Mineral, I took home with me O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque (which is the Winner of Best New Product in the Fellowship for Australian Hair Dressing) and O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum. I will introduce these products more thoroughly along with my thoughts on them in a separate post.

Under NATURAL light.
Under fluorescent light
Please note that albeit I did not have a severe allergic attack like before, I did have some rash at the back of my neck, in which I took non-prescribed-anti histamine. This was way better than my previous situation thanks to the 100% ammonia free formula. 

Also, with this new hair colour of mine, I have been trying out more "Gyaru" styled make up - think circle lenses, flushed cheeks and nude lippies. I have a few FOTDs lining up in the next couple of weeks. :)

For more information about O&M Liquid CCT Hair Colour, check out their website (Original Mineral) or feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below or pop me an email. :)

As far as I am concerned, I think Atlantis Hair is the only salon that uses Original Mineral products.

2 Regent St,
Paddington NSW 2021

Have you tried any Original Mineral products? 



socialitedreams said...

the new color REAAAAALLLLLY suits you, looks gorgeous! that allergic reaction sounds nuts, sorry you had to go through it


PopBlush said...

I love your new hair colour! Looking forward to some gyaru looks ^_^

박진아 said...

looks super cute on you! :) I've found that My skin actually looks more clear and even skin toned with black hair.. strange, isnt it?

Noniek said...

You look so cute in new hair color!
Suitable for you :)

Dr Naomi said...

The new colour is super rich, and a beautiful improvement.
The styling makes you look more like a cute doll come to life than ever :)
I love Wayne, he is a genius with colour.

!♥ m i m i said...

You look gorgeous as a brunette! And woah the allergic rxn sounds terrible D; I'm glad you found a way to dye your hair w/o having to go through all that again.

swatchgirl said...

Late comment, but
a.) that colour looks GREAT on you, and
b.) Atlantis owns owns owns. I go to no one else now after they've done such a great job on my red. Really wonderful people with great products.

Also I want those curls in my life.

Anonymous said...

you look incredible! i LOVE the colour! Atlantis hair is amaazing

Adeline said...

@ socialitedreams: thanks love! hate allergic reaction! :)

@ PopBlush: thanks hun! the gyaru posts are in process! LOL

@noniak: thanks girl!

@dr Naomi: Wayne is awesome!!! Love him too :)

@!♥ m i m i: thanks hun! I am so glad too! its good to know that I have other alternatives. :)

@swatchgirl: Hi Lara!!! :) Thanks love!!! YES, i LOVE ATLANTIS HAIR TOO!! Will definitely go back to them in the future!!! Modiva Curling Iron really did a great job!!!

@paintedinblack: thanks love!