Tuesday, July 5, 2011

High Tea with Sydney Beauty Bloggers & Outfit of The Day [03.07.2011]

Hey lovelies!!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I spent Saturday recovering from my EOFY (aka End of Financial Year) party drinks on Friday, which was quite a let down TBH and the glorious Sunday having high tea at The Victoria Room, Darlinghurst with the Sydney Beauty Bloggers. :)

The Victoria Room, Darlinghurst.
The weather was SO LOVELY and it hit 20 degrees at one point! It feels like spring and I decided to take my beloved maxi dress and sandals out on Sunday when I met the girls! I love Sydney's weather at days like this! That's right, we are talking about mid winter here. I swear, Sydney's weather is even more temperamental than a woman's menstrual cycle! 


I met up with Michelle from Cosmetic Cupcakes at Straty station and train it to the city before meeting up with Tara from Keeping Up with Me and Aryanny from Styleouture at TownHall station before heading to The Victoria Room together. 

I will stop rambling further and entertain you girls with more photos instead. :)

More Photos After The Break!!!

Michelle & I

I'm having a cup of tea with some scones

Aryanny & I
Tea Set which includes 3 different kind of sandwiches, a red velvet cupcake,  fruit tart, lemon cheese cake and scones. You get to pick the tea of your choicer too!
It costs $45 per person or you can add $10 for a glass of bubble and $20 for a glass of MOET.
Julie and I decided to be a little naughty and opted for the bubbles. :P

Julie & I with our bubbles. :P
Yes, #DryJuly failed hard here.

Due to the recent change of my taste bud, I have been enjoying savoury stuff more than sweet stuff! Whilst the red velvet cupcake was absolutely delicate and the scones were divine (How can you say no to scones with jam & cream??!?!?), I enjoyed the smoked salmon and chicken sandwich heaps. 

I am pretty positive that I polished at least 8 pieces of those mini goodies! In my defense, it wasn't 2pm and I haven't had any input into my stomach besides H20. 

Apart from catching up with the girls and having a good chat about make up and more make up over tea and scones with the girls, we had a mini swap just like last time. However, the genius Adeline left her swap products at home while rushing out of the door. =/ 

I had a really great time with the girls and I am thankful for social media and the relatively small but close beauty community that bring all the girls who share the same passion together. I most certainly made more than a handful of great friends through Through Beauty Eyes. You know who you are. <3

A big shout out and thank you to Sara May for going through all the hassle to make this happen. :)


Instead of the usual FOTD post that follows after an event post, I decided to switch things a little bit and have my Outfit of the Day post before FOTD. :) I have gotten a few request to post more OOTD photos but I rarely have a chance to do so as I don't usually dress up with unique pieces and taking OOTD shots is way more troublesome than FOTD shots!

Maxi Dress - ICE
As mentioned earlier, thanks to the glorious weather, my lonely maxi dress was able to see daylight again last Sunday. :)

BF Blazer - Valley Girl 
Just because it was nice and warm on a sunny Sunday arvo, a cardigan or bf blazer in my case shouldn't be neglected. It is still pretty chilly when the wind blows or when you're not under direct sunlight. We are still in the midst of winter after all. 

Rings - EQUIP and LOVISA
Being an accountant and of course, the Asian genes in me is definitely the main reason why I love hunting down great accessories deals! I got all these rings for $5 each! 

Clutch - EQUIP
Got this clutch for $14.99, down from $29.99  - definitely a bargain!!! 

If you can't already tell, chunky, statement rings are my favourite accessories!!! What are yours?

Yours truly applying the SHU UEMURA Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine - SSPK 345 
I got this when I got my brows down at Shu Uemura David Jones last Thursday! 

Shu Uemura is currently having a promotion at the moment, where eyebrows shaping costs only $30 (usual price is $60) and its fully redeemable on products! 
I was pretty keen on trying Shu Uemura skincare products but I was running late (did my brows over lunch break) and had 5 minutes to choose a product, run back to office and buy my lunch.  That explains my fail-proof-product - lippie! 

FOTD post is coming up next!!!! Stay tune for that <3

Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?

PS: Through Beauty Eyes finally has its own domain thanks to WealthForTeens! YAY!!!! It still redirects you to my bloodspot address at the moment though, but I will fix it as soon as possible! 



Cindy said...

oh boo i was going to blog about high tea soon too coz going on Sunday =P

Btw Victoria Room high tea is not very good!!! Observatory hotel, Stamford hotel and Westin = the best! Anyway will go into more details on my blog hehehe

Nic Nic said...

LOVE the maxi dress on you! You look very chic yet glamourous!

Me, my best and I said...

The maxi was fab on you!! Go the bubbly twins!! Fun day xx

Adeline said...

@Cindy: Still waiting for your high tea post!!! Take me to Stamford one day!!!!

@Nic Nic: Thanks love!!! :)

@Me, my best and I: YES! Good to know I have a bubbly buddy :) bubbly twins FTW LOL