Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hi lovelies!!!!

How's going??? Sorry for disappearing for a good week again. Work has been really busy lately and I am completely knackered after gym, which resulted in Through Beauty Eyes being neglected. =/ Also, I went to USHER'S OMG TOUR IN AUSTRALIA last Tuesday and his performance was AMAZING! More on that in the next post. =)       

I attended the Sydney Beauty Bloggers Yumcha and Beauty Swap Meet Up yesterday organised by the lovely Kimmy from The Plastic Diaries.       

Also, a special shout out to Face of Australia for sponsoring the Sydney Beauty Bloggers Yumcha and Beauty Swap Meet Up . :) 

What's included in the goodie bag? :)
* FoA Diamonds & Pearls Opulent Eyes
*FoA LUXE Nail Enamel in Lemon Sorbet (which seems like a dupe for OPI Banana Bandanna)
* FoA Lipshine in Starlight
A table FULL of goodies to be swapped! 
I swear the people around us were giving us the WTF stares, with 20 ladies crowding around a yumcha table, going wooha over the beauty products! 

Kimmy was busy "auctioning" different products left on the table and even so, there were still quite a few products that remained on the table, in which we decided to donate it to charity :)

It was really great to finally meet more of my "twitter friends". (I know momma said to never talk to strangers online, but I can assure you these friends I made on twitter are darlings! :P) Thanks Kimmy for organising such a wonderful event and we should definitely make it a monthly event!

After yumcha and an awesome swapping session, Jaime, Bini, Anita, Angie, Michelle, Tina and I went to MYER as Jaime wanted to grab "Mr Bright" from Benefit and I needed to get my Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil sharpened. And of course, my initial plan was to "browse" around and shopping definitely wasn't in my card. Needless to say, I went home with a few purchases, on top of the goodies I got from the beauty swap!

My first Illamasqua purchase - Illamasqua Lipstick in Wanton
Illamasqua was having 30% off certain products and I got this gorgeous baby for only 27 bucks! Grab it fast before they are gone!!! 

Wanton is a matte mauve-ish pink colour, slightly darker than your usual baby pink, which is perfect for autumn. I am currently loving lip colours that are more opague as the land down under is heading towards winter. :)

MichelleAnita and I were the last one standing and the girls decided to take me to SA Hair and Beauty Outlet, which was a treasure hidden in Dymocks Plaza. :) 

I was THIS close to buying this OPI duo set which was only retailing for $19.95 (2 for the price of 1) but I was being a good girl and only got this Ecotools brush set. :)

I have seen really good reviews about Ecotools brushes and never really had a chance to try them. Since this set was only retailing for $19.95 (I think it's around $26.95 at Priceline but don't hold me to that.), I thought it is time to try these jewels out. Will let you guys know how I like them! 

You guys are probably wondering what goodies did I grab from the Beauty Swap =P Without further ado, lets have a sneak peak at my stash! 

Nail polishes; Aveeno Skin Brightening Scrub; Simple Skin Cleanser and Make Up Remover; Maybeline Dream Matte Powder; Mini Konad Set; Sigma SS150 brush; MAC eyeshadow in Rated "R"; Loreal Hip Kohl Eyeliner in Teal.

Gorgeous nail polishes - my first ZOYA products. :) 

I can't wait to try these nail polishes!!! Stay tune for reviews and swatches :P

My FOTD  for the meet up, which is coming up soon :P



Makeup and Macaroons said...

Nice loot babe :)

I'm so happy with my goodies too, already wearing one of the nailpolishes I scored, a China Glaze one. And sounds like you girls had a great time afterwards too! Wish I could've come joined. Next time...


.blushfully. said...

Wow that's awesome!! =D Lookin' gorgeous, as always, Adeline ^^

Jadegrrrl said...

OOHH haulage!!! So bummed I couldn't be there :( The FOA stuff looks fab!

Adeline said...

Lilit: I scored quite a few nail polishes but I have been pretty lazy to change my colours! Will probably do that tmr :P It was really fun going make up shopping with the girls. At least I don't have to feel guilty when buying stuff. HAHA. We should definitely do it again soon!!!

Cendana: Thanks babe!!! <3333

Jade: I know!! Such a shame!!! And it has been a while since I last saw you love!

wifluvelle said...

such good times! i wanna see ur nails soon! stamp away~

xoxo elle

Bini said...

Oh yay you got my sigma brush :-) i am totally curious who picked up the things I swapped :-) I love love love the things I got