Monday, April 18, 2011


So, while C and I were waiting for our turn at Taste of Shanghai at World Square last Friday (which happened to be a 45 minutes wait!), we decided to pop by Priceline to have "a look". Ok, I lied. Its more like me dragging C to check out the 50% Covergirl sales that was and still is going on. 

I tried to place a make up shopping ban on myself but it clearly isn't working very well. But hey, it is a very rare occasion that we get 50% off drugstore products here in Sydney, so as a beauty hoarder beauty blogger, it is a good opportunity for me to try these products out and provide reviews to you readers out there. :)

My "tiny" loot:

The products I hauled are:

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara - Not the best I have used so far but it's something I can live with. :) But since they were on sale, why not. Such an Asian thing to do, I swear. :P

Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturiser (810 Light to Medium) - I am definitely more of a BB Cream/ tinted moisturiser than a foundation person. That explains why I decided to try their tinted moisturiser instead of foundation. Have yet to try this. 

Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast - I wanted to try the similar eyeshadow stick by Max Factor since Bubz has used that in a few of her videos but the CG one is 1/3 of the price, so CG it is. =) I tried it yesterday and my quick thoughts on the product - the colour payoff isn't the best but it does give your eye a better definition, perfect for those who prefer subtle eyeshadow over pigmented ones. 

Cover Girl Tru Conceal Concealer - I am in the phase of searching for THE perfect undereye drugstore concealer. Will let you know how this one goes.

Cover Girl Eye Enhancer in Fusion Tropicale - This palette reminds me of Xteener as she used to mention it heaps in her videos back in the days. I used them to create a Peacock Smokey look over the weekend and let's just say the eyeshadows aren't really pigmented and they get blended away easily. 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry and Berry - I gave the Cherry flavoured one to my sister and I have been using the Berry flavoured one since then. Absolutely loving it!!! It moisturises my lips (DuhHHH!) really well and it tastes yummy too!!! 

I got all these products for under $45, which is incredibly cheap for Australian drugstore standard! 

Don't forget to check out your nearest Priceline!

Covergirl products are all 50% off and Maybelline Baby Lips is Buy One Get One Free at $3.99!!!

Priceline should pay me for promoting their products. LOL. Sharing is caring - it's always to good to share when one stumbled upon good deals. :) I hope this post is in time for those of you who have been wanting to try out Covergirl products! I THINK the promotion ends on Wednesday since Priceline always has new promotions on Thursday. Don't quote me for that. 

Have you tried any of the above products? 
What is your favourite Cover Girl product?

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❤ Ee Von said...

OMG THANK GOODNESS FOR TBE lol! i've been waiting for a promotion just to buy my favourite lashblast! i seriously can't justify paying aud17 for one damn mascara but aud17 for 2 is hurrayyy! thanks for the heads up!! and you're right, priceline SHOULD pay you lol

Lou said...

OMG thanks for this post it has helped me with heaps. I noticed with the smokey shadow blast two that there was a similar product out by another company but i didn't buy either because they seemed to scratch my eye lids when i used the tester in the shop. Love your blog! is my blog that i just started!

wifluvelle said...

i actually love lash blast hehe

xoxo elle

Susalie said...

I'm interested in trying the Covergirl TM! I've heard some good things about it.. I'm more of a BB Cream/TM user, foundations just feel too thick sometimes. I want to put a makeup shopping ban on myself too, but it's hard! LOL

Vintage Makeup said...

%50 off what a great sale!