Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi lovelies,

How was everyone's long weekend? Hope you guys did something that is more interesting than dating your textbooks and notes. :) Whilst taking my 4823098420348023th study break for the day, I decided to do a quick post regarding an awesome package I received from Wordstorm 2 weeks ago. :)

Let's rewind back to about a month ago when Jenny from contacted me and asked if I am interested in trying out products from the Seven Wonders Moroccan Range. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should of known by now that #MoroccanOil (using hash tags in a blog post is an indictor of over usage of Twitter lol)  is one of the trending topics in the beauty world and probably heard how awesome #MoroccanOil products are. 

This was the pretty gift bag that was delivered to my office filled with some chocolates and the Moroccan Range products. 

The products were nicely packed in a box (pictured above) with postcards of Australia 6 wonders and the the products in the box are Seven Wonders

SEVEN WONDERS is an Australian owned natural hair care brand offering all natural, salon grade styling products, treatments and shampoos and conditioners. All products are made using organic ingredients and are chemical free. The Moroccan Treatment range is Seven Wonders newest addition. 

Mark Baker, Co-owner of Seven Wonders said, "Unlike the other moroccan oil products on the market, the Seven Wonders range uses only organic Argan oil and is free from harsh chemicals such as paraben and harsh preservatives. The organic Argan oil has an oil balance feature, which is able to hydrate dry hair and spread and balance excess in oil hair, leaving a shine without greasiness. It will also dramatically reduce blow drying time."

RRP: $34.95 for 125mL Moroccan Oil Treatment

The Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil Range is available at health food stores and pharmacies nation wide, or www.sevenwonders.com.au for a full list of stockists. 
Throughout April and May, Seven Wonders is offering a free Moroccan Oil treatment to anyone who purchases three products from the the Seven Wonders range - participating outlets only.  For more information, visit www.sevenwonders.com.au.

I have just started trying out these products and will do a detailed review on them after a month. Be patient and the detailed review will be out in no time. :)

Have any of you tried Moroccan Oil? Does it work miracle?
Have any of you tried Seven Wonders Natural Hair Care products?


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Makeup and Macaroons said...

Ooh I love my MoroccanOil, it's the best thing ever and I'm actually planning a post about it sometime this week. I also bought an Argan oil hair mask which i've been using once a week and my hair's much healthier than it ever was. I'm gonna check out this seven wonders brand, as I'm keen to try shampoo/conditioners too.