Monday, December 12, 2011


Moody Monday says hi, everyone!

It's that time of the year again where I am a slave to CA. 

As you know, CA means hermiting and hardcore cramming (which unfortunately did not really kick off till yesterday. Hence, the lack of time). That also means lack of update on ThroughBeautyEyes. :( But to avoid this space from staying idle for too long, I decided to write a quick post on something outside of the usual blush and lippies while sipping on my English Breakfast Tea (I WANT MY COFFEE) and munching on my healthy porridge with almonds & peach. 

If you have been a long time follower of this space of my twitter, drunken tweets on Friday night and post on Saturday morning whinging about how crappy I feel and all-I-want-is-bacon shouldn't be too alien to you.

Yes, my dear readers. I happen to have this unhealthy habit of enjoying wine o'clock and the good ol' CC Dry (Canadian Club Dry with fresh lime). And more often than not, I get a little... uhm well... carried away. :) And also, drinking a bottle of water before bed to rehydrate is last thing on my mind usually. That probably explains the nasty hungover. =.="

Apparently, Ivy Anti-Hangover is your new best friend in this festive season.
(If you are an alcoholic a party-goer like yours truly)

The revolutionary cure packed with goodness like Vitamin B, C Ginseng and Arginine for liver protection have hit the Australian shores just in time for Christmas & New Years, along with the many summer parties you will be attending. :)

"IVY, Anti-Hangover acts as the clean-up crew after a big night out by metabolizing your alcohol quickly, while restoring all the vitamins your immune system loses from alcohol consumption." 

Photo image: my trusty iPhone 4S
I was lucky to be invited as S from Food Is Our Religion plus one to the launch of Ivy, Anti-Hangover at Kit & Kaboodle last Monday, courtesy of PolkadotPR. :)

Photo image: My trusty iPhone 4S & Instagram. 
Lychee martini upon arrival, YES PLEASE. Lychee martini is definitely one of my favourite cocktails of all time. Polished 2 of these but gotta keep it under control since it was only a Monday night LOL. 

Photo Image: Polkadot PR
Yours truly, Yasmin & Shan. :)

Photo Image: Polkadot PR
DJ Emily Scott in the house. 

Photo Image: Polkadot PR
Eye candy of the night: Dan Murray from CLEO Bachelor 2011. :P

Photo Image: Polkadot PR
This little miracle in the bottle claim to be fast acting, with effects felt within 30-45 minutes of consuming. According to those who tried it that night, Ivy, Anti-Hangover tastes like energy-drink.

Conveniently sized in 90mL shot bottles, you can simply slip one of these bottles in your handbag and have it as your final shot of the night :P Too much to fit in your favourite clutch, you can always stock it up by your bedside to have a quick shot right before you hit the sack. 

I was given a sample to take home on Monday, in which I have yet to try it out. DUHHH with the MAA exam coming up. I will probably put it into a test drive on the 16th since that's when I get the taste of freedom again. Ding ding DINGGGG. :) If it does work wonders as it claims, you will see me stocking up on these little bottles in no time. LOL

I will definitely keep you guys posted on the result and how effective it is once I have tried this "revolutionary remedy out". So, stay tune for that! 

IVY, Anti-Hangover is priced from $10 for a 20 pack, $30 for a 6 pack or $54 for a 12 pack and is now available online at IvyHangoverCure or at premium liquor stores, bars and clubs nationally.


Before going back to the books, just a few narcissist shots of yours truly, featuring my lipstick of the day (which also happens to be one of my current favourites). 

All photos below were taken by FoodISOurReligion

Lipstick of the day: 

Lychee = Mad love <3 

A drink a day keeps the stress away. :P

Do you suffer from hangover after a couple of drinks?
Do you have any secret hangover cure? 
Please share your little secrets. I promise it will be hush hush. :P

DISCLAIMER: As mentioned above, I was invited as a guest to IVY, Anti-Hangover and was provided sample for consideration purposes. I am in no way affiliated with IVY, Anti-Hangover or compensated for this post or any sales made. For more information, please refer to Through Beauty Eyes Disclosure Policies



Rin said...

My only hangover cure has been to drink coconut water before going out, try to eat a meal just before drinking, making sure to have water between drinks then drink more coconut water and a litre of water before crashing in bed, drunk. If I don't do this, I suffer terribly!

Steph Wilson said...

LOVE that lipstick on you!!
I'm going to go and get it now... hope it looks as good on me as it does on you.

Jen said...

I love you. haha, the best blog post i've seen that speaks to my own heart XD I need this to come to NZ ASAP. This Christmas & New Years I'm going hard out drinking, hello CC & Dry, Jack Daniels & Pepe Lopez <33

I've been told it's great to drink a mizone before you go to bed? :) It helped my mate with his hangover, as for me, i've only been hungover once and that was a horrible experience. Haha, it's so sad I never get fully drunk off my head ever now, hopefully if i ever get the chance to meet you one day, we can drink together :D

Don't eat anything within 1-2 hours of drinking (heavily) coz from my own experience, it doesnt work well hahaha, i binge drink & drink too much all at once, if you're like that.. ummm, relax & pause the drinking for a bit before resuming, kinda helps for me ^^ if there's anything else you need, feel free to ask :D thats all i can think of atm!

Isabel said...

omg I love lychee martinis! I don't drink like mad so.. even if I get a hangover, it's just a mild one

♥Bunny♥ said...

yummmm i love lychee martinis tooo! they are just so delicious!

would definitely try this if I see one selling. Seems so good since I suffer from pretty bad hang overs even if I don't drink alot :(

LOOOOVe the lippie on you! that's such a pretty color!! <3