Friday, September 7, 2012


TGIF lovelies! 

It's Friday again and its Fashion Friday time! 

I don't know if it's due to the convenience of the perfect full length mirror in the elevator of my new place or the fact that I am starting to enjoy playing dress up - but this Fashion Friday segment seems to be going well! I hope you guys enjoy it too! 
(I should probably invest in a proper camera & tripod and stop taking reflection shots using my trusty iPhone4S)

You don't need to be a fashion-fanatic to know that Peplum is the "Justin Bieber" in the fashion world. Peplum is rising to its fame in the fashion world, Peplum has been making its appearance everywhere - on the street, at the business district, in the bar, at Sunday brunches.......

It was love at first sight with Peplum when it made its first appearance - but it was quite a mission for me to find "the one" as most Peplum doesn't quite complement my body shape. 

 Hence, you could probably imagine how happy I was when I finally came across "the one" from Ally!
Pair it with a bodycon jungle green skirt; 

And my new steels from Rubi

From RUBI, $10 for everything. Yes, that's right! :)
 Steels (especially the ones in Rose Gold) is definitely one of my spring favourites which made my first Love List! :)

Peplum Top: Ally
Bodycon Skirt: Dotti
Tweed Jacket: Forecast
Loafers: ZU
Studded Bag: Dotti
Accessories: Rubi, EQUIP, Sports Girl
Sunnies: MnG

Photo Credit: Cindy Ngo
Wore this outfit on my Saturday brunch out with le big sister, whom I haven't seen in yonkers! 

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With Miss Cindy, who writes at Fashionably Yummy ! :)

Is Peplum Love a yay or nay for you?

*peace out*



amanda said...

i love peplums! (: and the set from rubi was a steal!

Chococcuro said...

Peplum really suits you!!

Anonymous said...

nice pattern statement on your peplum - I think it's flattering on you! love your shoes too! I already have wide-ish hips can't pull off peplum to save my life haha

Adeline Er said...

@amanda: Peplum is my current fav! I am on the hunt for more! :)

@Chococcuro: Thanks hun! X

@NicNic: thanks love!! You will be surprised - just gotta look for "the special one" haha X

Jenny Nguyen said...

Adeline, that looks amazing! I've always shied away from tops like that because I feel that they make my hips look a mile wide! hahhah

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Julia Sunderland said...

Looks like you definitely found it! Looks great with the cardigan as well. Loving peplums right now, I did a post on them last week actually, maybe you'd like to read it? All indie shops and designers as well, link is

Julia x