Monday, September 17, 2012

Love List #2

Love List. Pretty self explanatory I reckon. 

Love List. A new feature on Through Beauty Eyes that will appear every fortnight (or weekly if my life became interesting out of a sudden).

Love List. It will be a list of "stuff" I am lovin at the moment. 

This week I am loving:

L: Floral Jeans #LastFridayNight
R: Floral top with Spring-ish EOTD (Post to come soon!)
1. FLORAL prints 

Floral jeans, floral top... you name it! Perfect print for spring! 

Shelly Beach, NSW

Warmer weather only means chilling & tanning at the beautiful beaches Sydney is blessed with. Not to mention scrumptious brunch with a incredibly hot German waiter bringing you blankey. I have also discovered something whilst beaching it with a girlfriend yesterday - I find it relaxing by simply enjoying the view of parents and their kids playing and spending time at the beach. 
Am I entering into a different phase of life?


As part of my "self-discovery" and "self-improvement" journey over the last week or so, I promised myself that I will feed myself more with information/ new skills related to social media & digital marketing world as well as the consulting industry. 

What's better than an app that sync with all my Google Reader & RSS feed to keep me company on my train ride home?
This could also be another reason why I need an Ipad. 


My new favourite brekkie habit - super fresh, healthy and most importantly it keeps you full and steer clear from your usual 11am munchies. LOVES! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

This brekkie can only get better when Sydney has abundance of summer fruits!! 


If you are following me on Twitter or Facebook, you would have probably seen the influx of #PoleDancing related updates. Yeap, that's right. Yours truly have finally started pole dancing classes at le gym after putting it off for almost 1.5 years! 

I am loving it so far - 3 lessons last week and I am proud to say I have finally able to do the Cleopatra & Climbing "moves"! *yays* However, I have ALOT to work on my arms & core strength! Prior to pole dancing, I thought I have pretty good upper body strengths with all the pump class & HIIT work out I have been doing - but trust me, pole dancing is bringing it to a whole new level!

For those of you who thinks pole dancing is a walk in the park, you might want to eat your words after watching this video:

Yeap, I know right!

What have you been loving this week? 

Happy Monday, y'all! 



Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

Love those floral prints. Gorgeous!

Babybluez said...

I have been doing pole dancing since Jan and I love it, but you're right it is no easy exercise.

Adeline Er said...

@christine - Thanks darling!! Floral prints is the new black this spring!

@Babybluez - but how addictive are they!! :)

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