Sunday, December 16, 2012


Fun and quirky accessories - CHECKED
Hair styling tools - CHECKED
Everyday bag & party clutches - CHECKED
Wide range of nail polishes - CHECKED
A variety of make up products - CHECKED
Extremely affordable - CHECKED 

That's GLOSS for you. 

I know, it's pretty hard to find a store with a vast variety of beauty and fashion products which allows you to splurge without breaking the bank here in Australia. By extremely affordable, I mean you are able to get lipsticks, blushers and nail polishes with a 5 dollar note. I know right. 

And now, you can add manicure/ nail art service to the list above.
Gloss is now offering manicure for FREE with any purchase of $50 and above or $25 (if you do not feel like hoarding any more products =P), at its Parramatta flagship store. 

So, amidst my hangover and feeling somewhat fragile from my Friday night shenanigans, I got my (strawberry) nails did at the GLOSS Parramatta store yesterday by the famous nail team from I Scream Nails in Melbourne. #winning I Scream Nails were specially flew in by the GLOSS team in conjunction with the new store launch! 

And the BEST part of this launch is............ *wait for it*....... the #GLOSSManicam.


Mani.... what?

You should be! 

The creative team from GLOSS has came up with this idea of having a red carpet for nails. That's right, imagine your freshly painted nails walking down the mini red carpet! Total cool beans!

 After having my nails painted with the bright fuchsia that screams summer and watermelon accent fingers, of course I have to flaunt them on the catwalk! 

Unfortunately, the catwalk photos taken by the store manager has not been sent to me as I am typing up this post but it looks pretty similar to the watermelon nails above. I mean, they are both from the fruits family. =P

Aren't these nails adorbs? 

Here are the nail art designs offered by GLOSS:

If you are feeling like a pampering session for the upcoming festive season, don't forget to drop by the GLOSS Paramatta store for an instant pick me up! 

You can also do some last minute Christmas shopping before getting your nails did as GLOSS offers some really cute and reasonably priced Christmas gift sets! #KillingTwoBirdsWithOneStone

For more information about GLOSS, don't forget to check out their website or "LIKE" their Facebook page for the newest updates on their products.


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Amanda said...

wow how cute and love the adorable packaging =)