Wednesday, December 19, 2012


5 more days to Christmas? Yeap, I think its time I start squeezing myself into the human sardine can (ie, shopping malls) and get some Christmas shopping done. (I have gotten my lunch plans sorted for the next three days!) Last minute, much? Well, #standard. I work better under pressure anyways – and I think this apply to Christmas shopping too. 

Here are a few tips that I have been adhering to, especially if you are trying to get your Christmas shopping done at THIS time of the year.

-          MAKE A LIST. I cannot stress enough how important a list is when it comes to mass Christmas shopping (or anything in life, really) which makes your life so much easier and ensure that you don’t overbuy stuff or missing someone out. Include the loved ones that you would like to share some love and presents you think they (may) like.

-          INCLUDE AN EXTRA ITEM for each person just in case you couldn’t find that particular present. Always include a back up item on your list for those who have difficult wishlist. For example, a pink headphones with that particular design and certain features.  Last thing you want is trying to run around like a headless chicken within the crowd trying to figure out what to buy for your boyfriend’s sister because you couldn’t find that lime green satchel bag that she has been lusting for.

-          FOCUS & DO NOT GET DISTRACTED. I know its hard to not check out that favourite floral pants of yours that is currently having 30% of its RRP.

-          COMFY SHOES. Please for the love of god, do not do your Christmas shopping in your favourite stripper pumps, especially not in the hustle bustle of last minute Christmas shopping “traffic”. Trust me, I have seen people in those and I really wonder what was going through their mind!

Boring tips aside, now we shall move on to what’s hot (and cool #ohtheirony) this Christmas and some last minute Christmas gifts ideas that will hopefully help you guys! I will be splitting the Christmas guide into two sections – Personal and General and here are a few of my favourite picks:


By personal, I am referring to people that hold a place close to your heart, people whom you know almost inside out, people whom you know their likes and dislikes… you get the gist. You may consider options like perfume and skincare for those who fall within this category and here are a few of my picks: 


I have always been a fan of L’occitane’s Cherry Blossom handcream – so this range is perfect with a collection of Cherry Blossom Body Lotion 250mL, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30mL, Cherry Blossom Soap 50g, Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette 100mL and Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 250mL. Fancy a cherry blossom shower? This is your answer *sniff self* #NoIAmNotCreeepyAtAll


With rose absolute and peony extract, it smells like a joyful marriage of both flower and fruit – just the way I like it! Get this sweet little gem for your girlfriend/ sister or mum if she is a fan of sweet refreshing scent. She will be evoking the scent of roses and peonies with a dash of sparkling red berries. #yummy


Instead of the following the “White Christmas” theme just like the rest of the globe, The Body Shop Australia decides to introduce its very own “summer collections” by launching the NEW! Ginger Sparkle range, NEW! Cranberry Joy range, NEW! Vanilla Bliss range, “Book” sets and the cutesy mini “pamper tins”. My personal favourites are the Book Sets and Pamper tins only because they look SUPER ADORBS! It’s probably more for collection purposes =P But if you want something more practical – definitely check out the NEW! Chrissy range. 

DERMALOGICA DAILY MICROFOLIANT SET, RRP $83.50 (Microfoliant comes with FREE Gentle Cream Exfoliant 10mL and PreCleanse 30mL)

I know I know, this isn’t exactly one of those pressie where you squeal and yell cos its so pretty or cute or sparkly.  But as someone who swears of this holy grail daily exfoliant, I will be pretty over the moon if I receive this full sized product along with the freebies that come along with this. Extra points if my current one is running out. Trust me, us ladies love products that keep our skin nice and healthy as much as pretty things!


I was one of those who reckons buying candles is like burning your money #punintended. You buy the candle – you burn it – it’s gone. But boy was I wrong when I was introduced to Glasshouse Fragrance thanks to the lovely ladies from Invisible Thread PR as a post Bio Oil celebration gift. And, that, my ladies, changed my life. I find it extremely relaxing and soothing just letting yourself go in a room filled with burning Glasshouse candles with your favourite tea and a book/ mag in hand. My recommendation will be  Glasshouse Fragrance Christmas Limited Edition Collection. I personally have not tried any of their Christmas collection but I love my jasmine and lime candle that was gifted to me and Sweet Orange & Nutmeg, Sweet Sugar Plum, Fruity Clove do sound pretty delicious to me, don’t cha reckon?


For friends or acquaintances or even colleagues in which you are close but not overly close to know their personal perfume preferences and what skincare products they fancy. 

Illamasqua Generation Q Collection 

Empower Palette, RRP$53; Lipsticks in Underworld (Blueberry violet shimmer) and  Lipstick in Magnetism (Deep raspberry pink), RRP$25; Nail Varnishes in Charisma (Deep raspberry pink), RRP$21; Powder Blushers in Sophie (Golden coral shimmer) and Allure (Dusky rose pink shimmer), RRP$28; New Precision ink in Wisdom, RRP$26

How can I forget the good ol' Illamasqua when it comes to gifts? Of course, I am not asking you to buy an entire collection (in which you may if you wish :P).With this new, dynamic range of products that are ageless and without limits or restrictions, Generation Q has been formulated and chosen irrespective of age, race, gender or sexual preferences and seek to empowers and complements the user with light reflective products! That means, you could probably get ALL your shopping done for your mum, sister, auntie, grandma, cousin, or that older colleague at work at the Illamasqua counter. 

(Available in Dry Skin, Aloe Fresh & Cocoa Glow) 

Once again, this is more of a practical gift than a "pretty" gift, which I think is a pretty good KK present. You are probably going, WHAAAa....aaaat? Vaseline as present? Trust me, when I was first sent these products, that's the reaction I had too. This is a classic example of do not judge a book by its cover. The Total Moisture in Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Glow are absolutely amazing! I have already gone through a bottle of Aloe Fresh myself! Reasonably priced, moisturising without leaving you feeling all sticky (major pet peeves in summer!), doesn't that just spell awesome?

Photo Credit


And if all the above fail, JUST GO TO TYPO! For my non- Australian readers, TYPO is a "stationery" stores that sells incredulously cute and quirky stationery at a really reasonable price! And you are often greeted with discounts and sales at the store. One of the few stores that I have to keep a constant distant to avoid hoarding random stuff that I don't need just because they are "too cute to pass" #OhNoIDidNT
Products range from iPhone case to decorative items to stamps to notebooks and diaries to laptop casings to colour pens. In fact, I received my Christmas pressie from the bestie this morning from TYPO! Except, there's special meanings/ reasonings behind these gifts. <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

Of course, there isn't a black and white line that divides the present groups between general and personal and you are more than welcome to move it around. (perfect example: TYPO). It's subject to your understanding of that particular individual! BUT REMEMBER, you should only be considering products like perfume, candles and skincare IF AND ONLY IF you’re close to this person and you know her well. I have received perfumes as gifts from acquaintances and let’s just say they probably spend more time sitting in the corner of my room than having body contact with me. It’s not that I am ungrateful or anything but they just aren’t my scent... You get the point :P


AND if you still can't find THE gift, how about a mix and match giftbox of products and stuff that you think your "receiver" may enjoy. It could be beauty products, chocolate, accessories... anything really. You may be able to get some ideas from my previous favourites posts, my fav lippies and contouring products, or even pop into GLOSS for some quick and cheap fix to your present crisis! 

I hope this last minute guide assisted you with your christmas shopping one way or another!

Done with Christmas shopping? You can now reward yourself with a chilled glass of Savignon Blanc ;)



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