Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013: A Brand New Start - Goals & Resolutions

17th of January 2013. 

How did half a month fly by – it feels like I was just having a chillaxing time sunbaking by the Sydney beaches yesterday and we are now a week away from Australia Day? 

Happy New Year to all Through Beauty Eyes readers and I hope you all had a lovely break and welcomed 2013 fully recharged and pumped! New Year means new chapter in life; which translates into a brand new page with a spanking clean white space called “Opportunity”, opportunity to get it right, move forward and make the most of 2013. 

If you have been stalking following me on Twitter or Facebook Page, you would have probably gathered that 2012 wasn’t the best. This is why I decided to take a backseat from blogging to reflect and figure out my resolutions and goals for 2013, including the direction of this blog. And actually adhering to it this time. This explains my disappearance on this humble space since my Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide post approximately a month ago. 

Due to my indecisive and risk adverse nature, I ended 2012 with a little too many "what ifs". I have the tendency to analyse WAY TOO MUCH and never taken any actions for the fear of my hypothetical consequences (which weren't really that much of a deal, really.)


Palm Beach, 2012

That being said, 2013 is going to be different - it’s all about taking actions, executing ideas and chasing my dreams and goals. One of the simplest yet easily overlooked ways to achieve this is making VISIBLE LISTS of my goals, objectives, daily to-do-list! 

I shall start by listing my 2013 "simple" resolutions here! 
(VERY late, I know.)
  1. Forget fear, take risk
  2. Less superficial. 
  3. Be a nicer person. 
  4. Paying off my CC debt and START SAVING.
  5. Start working towards passive income.
  6. Think big.
  7. Read about success, personal developments, inspirations at least 15 minutes a day. 
  8. More gratitude and be thankful to be alive and to be where I am at the moment. 
  9. Focus only on things that make me feel good. 
  10. Be my best everyday. 
  11. Know what a 10/10 looks like and strive for it on every task I take upon. 
  12. Don't compromise quality for anyone.
  13. Listen.
  14. Check Facebook, Twitter, IG only a few times a day. 
  15. Swim in the ocean often.
  16. Focus on the momentum (results will come)
  17. Listen to my gut.
  18. TRAVEL (Be my travel buddy, anyone?)
  19. Start executing any ideas that's worth pursuing, thinking ain't getting me anywhere.
  20. Get shredded. HA. (This is only a goal for Jan and Feb as I wanna see how far am I able to push myself. I am all about healthy lifestyle with the occasional indulgence. I love food way too much to stay shredded 365 days a year!)
  21. Start thinking about a stunning 2013 and it will come. 

As for my blog, I know I haven't been giving much TLC in the past year compared to previous years. My goals for ThroughBeautyEyes are rather simple and straightforward:
  • Revamp this site and make it pretty and pink.
  • Start posting consistently ( I am going to start by creating an editorial calendar for le blog!)
  • More engagements with my readers and other blogger
  • Simply be awesome! 

Now that I have my goals and resolutions in black and white here, available to public, I *kinda* have to stick to it, don't I? We shall see about that but they are going pretty good so far! 

Palm Beach, 2012

A belated toast to a total kick - ass 2013! 

What are your main goals and resolutions of 2013?
(we can all motivate each other to stick with them!:P)



Jeanie said...

Good work Missy!! You can totally do it! Yes, travel to visit ME! Hehe xx

Shanshan Lam said...

Live how you want to live but never live to regret things in life.

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