Monday, April 23, 2012

PHOTOLOG: Featured on PRIMPED, lotsa F00DP0RN & Outfits of the Day

I think I can now proclaim April as my favourite month with the public holidays we have. :) 
Have a smile now if you're as excited as I am to have another 4 day week thanks to Anzac Day on Wednesday. The thought of having midweek off makes Monday slightly better. 
Tuesday feels like Friday and its effing ah-ma-zing!! 

Like most of every other Mondays, this is a photolog post to have a quick recap of any interesting events from the past 2 weeks. :)

ThroughBeautyEyes was featured on Primped last Friday along with Miss ChewHair Romance and Swatch Girl! Thanks Primped for the special shout out. :)

Read the original post on how to rock them glasses without looking like a Plain Jane HERE

NOTW - LAYLA Magneffect Nail Polish
Magnetic Nail Polish seems to find its way to the top spot of current nail trends, after knocking crackle nails off the list. 

Took me 2 goes before getting the effect I want - a tad troublesome and effort for a lazy sh!t like me but am definitely lovin' the magnetic effect! 

Sunday Lunch @ Bills, Surry Hills. 
Sweet corn fritters with grilled tomatoes, spinach, bacon and extra haloumi on the side. 

It was as delicious as it looks, however I felt a tad sick after 2 pieces of deep fried fritters. I was probably still suffering from some pork hangover from the night before (you will get what I mean shortly =P).

Sunday dessert sesh with the girls @ Le Renaissance, The Rocks
BEST dessert place EVER in my humble opinion. The lime tart (bottom right in pic above) is still my absolute favourite and they make awesome coffee too! 

For you macarons lovers out there, their macarons are committable to Adriano Zumbo, if not better! It comes in Jasmine Green Tea flavour too, which is extra macaron points! #punny

My current favourite everyday look and a sneak peek of next upcoming post! :P
 (It looks more done up than it actually is, in fact it's pretty simple effortless!)

Saturday morning face, after a night out!
I LOVE the colour of my hair under the sun! Unfortunately, I might need to go black as I am getting allergic reactions from patch test and it seems almost impossible to touch up my hideous roots which is growing like there's no tomorrow! 

If any of you has sensitive skin and is aware of any organic, vegan brand that might not give rise to any sort of allergic reaction, please do share. I will ruv you forever! :)

Roast Duck Noodle Soup @ Hong Kong Noodle House, Burwood
 EPIC post night out food, nuff said.

The bestie and I.
So, the bestie (Miss Wendy & Co) and I managed to finally have some #boobtime D&M catching up sesh and random #sneakytime on Saturday night.

#SaturdayNight @ Lowenbrau, The Rocks
 Remember the statement I made above about pork hangover earlier? I reckon the massive pork knuckles (bottom left in pic above) gives a pretty good explanation, doesn't it?

Yours truly rocking them 3D glasses LOL
This is what accountants do on a Friday arvo when you're so over the week and you're just counting down to wine o'clock.

@ La Bodego, York St. 
 Friday drinks this week was with my Friday buddy Janice, aka Chaigyaru after missing each other for the past couple of weeks. :)

REVLON Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
 One of the new found loves I recently acquired. :)

Pad Kee Meow @ Thairiffic, Westfield Foodcourt
 After all the rich and unhealthy shit I consumed in the past 2 weeks, I shall attempt to #eatclean this week. Even hardcore gyming isn't sufficient to keep my guts in place. =.="

Casual Sunday OOTD 

Singlet - Forever 21/ Shorts - Nichi, Malaysia/ Sandals - Sports Girl/ Studded bag - Dotti
With Ze Girls outside Circa, Parramatta
Baked Eggs @ Circa, Parramatta
Max Brennar for dessert!! <3 
Standard Friday night feats MAC Lipstick in Nicki Minaj & CC Dry @IvyPool
Two of my favourites - CC Dry and Lipsticks! <3

Posing #likeaboss in Ivy Change Room 
Top - Forecast/ Skirt - Dotti/ Ankle Boots - Wanted

As you can tell, nothing really exciting besides food and Friday nights and more food! After collating all the required photos for today's post, I realised that I have been having alot of heart-attack-on-a-plate I  in the past 2 weeks that even my intensive gym sessions wouldn't be able to save my ass. =.="

That being said, I shall try to #eatclean and be healthier this week. Lets hope my next photolog post is healthier than this. :P

Hope you lovelies had a great start to the week.
It's freakin' awesome when your Monday feels like the Eve! Whoop whoop! 



wifluvelle said...

congrats for being showcase!!!
aw if im ever in sydney, i got to call ya out to take me out partay~~~

xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

you do look effortlessly glam as always and I love your foodie pics!