Friday, October 19, 2012

QUICKIE UPDATE: A little bit of everything + disco ball nails ft ORLY Can't Be Tamed & Be Brave

So, once again, I might have gone on another unannounced hiatus. 
#BeautyBloggingFail #12837127319237912 

This was my excuse - cramming and squeezing every drop of my brain juice dry for my final and (hopefully) last exam for my Chartered Accountant Program! That was how I spent my 24th birthday too -have a hot time sexing it up with my EBA notes.
Don't mind the fatty TimTams - its part of my exam diet. ;)

I know, I have left you ladies hanging from my Beauty Bloggers Utopia Day 01, which was over a week ago. Shame on me. Don't worry, I promise to kill your bandwidth in my next post with more photos from my #BBU12 weekend. ;)

For now, just a quickie update about what have been happening in the past 10 days or so when I disappeared from le blog:

Attended Bio Oil's 10th birthday at Chiswick which left me leaving with a 5-months-food-baby! A more detailed update on that to come. 

I won a giveaway from my fellow base toucher - Michaela from LatherRinseRepeat! She incorporates some pretty damn awesome GIFs in her blog post, show her (and her GIFs) some love! 
A word of advice, I hope you aren't drinking or eating as I will not be held responsible for anything that lands on your computer screen (mainly whatever you have in your mouth at that moment). ;)

 I received a MASSIVE love package from my favourite LA chica - Gwen <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
I will be sending some love to your way shortly!! 

 Turned another year older - to the ripe age of 24.
And no longer do I enjoy a massive birthday cake - a variety of nomlicious cake pawns a massive cake of the same flavour ANYTIME. Maybe, I am just a #fatshit ;)
Those lemon tart & ricotta cheese cake were orgasmic!!!

Signed and sealed - starting a new job on Monday!! I am excited yet nervous at the same time as this is something quite different to what I have done in the past 2 years! Nevertheless, it's a fresh, new beginning!!!
Also, lunch buddy required in Bondi Junction, enquire within. ;)

Weekend DISCO NAILS featuring ORLY Can't Be Tamed & Be Brave - ready to PARTY ROCK tonight with birthday drinks and a night out with the crew!!! 

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend ahead and happy Friday!!! 

What have you got planned for the weekend?


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