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Through Beauty Eyes' Social Diaries #2 + What's New?

HAPPY THURSDAY lovelies! 7.5 working hours to go and it's THE long weekend. Everybody gives me a HELL YEH! *Too much EDM songs as of late*

What's a better way to make a return after another month of unannounced than a pictures-filled Through Beauty Eyes Social Diaries and What's New post? 

Picture speak a thousand words and lets me honest here - we all enjoy scrolling down pretty photos over reading thesis-like-paragraphs. Well, at least I do. Most of the time anyways. 
(Just a heads up - the next few series posts will be as wordy as you could possibly imagine! Keep reading if you're curious =P) 


BE WARNED - the will be one HECK of a picture post since I, well, have not neen updating this poorly neglected space of mine with social events and newly launched products since... Forever. 

I attended BIODERMA Blogger Breakfast earlier this year and was introduced to a few of their newly launched products and most importantly the price reduction for one of the best sellers - BioDerma For Crealine H20 make up remover! This is THE make up remover that's sworn by international make up artist - Rae Morris


Launch of Colgate Optic White @ The Island
Gorgeous  weather, amazing view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, unlimited supply of bubbles - what more can you ask for at a launch?

Colgate Optic White is a revolutionary new toothpaste that claims to deliver three shades whiter teeth. Whiter teeth without the fuss and expense of having to visit the dentist. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me - would definitely love to see how effective the whitening effect is! 


I was invited to the media launch of Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fruity & Cheeky Cherry at The Winery a while ago but couldn't make it cos my finger was getting screwed. #punintended But the lovely Fiona from Star PR sent me a love package with the brand new Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fruity &Cheeky Cherry to try out.

Can i say, I'm in love - This might have just taken over Diva as my all time fav dry shampoo (as blogged about HERE)! They are both great saviours during my lazy days but Cherry smells WAY better. Anything that saves me time and smells awesome always score extra brownie points in my book! This will definitely be a repurchase! 

Benefit Fake Up Concealer Launch @ Benefit Boutique, Paddington

Maxted Thomas crew and their play costume
Ladies - remember the doll house filled with make up we used to play with (or wish we had one) when we were a kid? Well, I found myself one, except with REAL make up thanks to Benefit Australia.

With le bloggers :)

Tasty Apple Martinis served by sexy topless butler whilst playing with make up? UHM, why thank you Maxted Thomas.

 The hydrating ring around the outside of the concealing core is made from vitamin E and apple seed extract, providing immediate moisturisation around the eye area. The concealing core itself hides dark circles, smoothes skin and diffuses light, to create a flawless complexion as well as hydrate the skin for six hours." -  Benefit AUS

Remember those mornings where you feel like you should go out in a mask simply because you have eyebags of a panda with dehydrated undereyes? You want to conceal yet you feel like your skin is so dry its about to fall off? Well, this revolutionary new product from Benefit – Fake Up concealer is here to save the world! Available in Light, Medium and Deep – the Fake Up is a hydrating crease – control concealer that conceals dark circles and diffuses fine lines for silky smooth coverage.

I have yet to try this myself  but I am pretty keen to, especially with the colder months coming up *Adeline’s face slowly transform into a Sahara desert*. 

Attended my first Live, Aspire, Blog event - covered HERE

Yours truly was lucky enough to get a last minute invite from Miss Lather Rinse Repeat, ie Michaela as her plus one to Lindt Cafe, Martin Place relaunch - an invite to impossibly say no despite the fact that I wasn't in my best work outfit; (either thongs & corporate wear or runners with workout shorts) hitting the gym post workout, prior to the event; and having ZERO make up besides lipsticks in my handbag*.  You can imagine the horror I had when the red carpet at the entrance appeared in front of me. Go figure. 
*Before you go "What? But you're a beauty blogger" on me - I usually carry a massive make up bag which weighs a tonne in my handbag. I, however, have removed these extra "burden" ever since I broke a finger

CHOCOLATE HEAVEN (Clockwise from top):
Hazelnut martini (OMFG) & Dark Chocolate Shot, Freshly made chocolate slice, Lindt brand new mocha machiato & freshly made macarons (SALTED CARAMEL. THE BOMB. NUFF SAID) 

Despite all that, I'm SO GLAD that I attended. I might have went into severe chocolate coma that night with all the amazing delicacies about. THANK GOD I squeezed in a quick HIIT before - my dress 
would have probably snapped otherwise due to the chocolate baby! #EatThisBurnThat
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I couldn't make it to the Neutrogena Naturals launch due to the pretty last minute invite but a big thank you to Platinum Media for sending me the newly launched products to try out! 
Neutrogena is my first skincare memory as they were introduced to me when I hit "the age to start wearing skincare". Mum picked Neutrogena over other brands simply based on the fact that its "gentle and effective" message. And of course, its pocket friendly too. Now kids, if you have just hit the age, remember less is more. The simple, the better. The last thing you want to is getting your skin used to some super exotic and exy skincare at such a young age! 
Neutrogena Natural range is claimed to have use ecofriendly ingredients to provide effective results. I have yet to try this out myself but I would love to see if it still works as well on my post teen skin. :) 


Just like your body, your skin needs its own detox program to recharge its battery and regain its energy. Need a little pick me up and detox after endless sleepless nights, party seasons, fashion week? A 1-month treatment with highly concentrated plant extracts and detoxifying properties to act globally in all 3 major levels of the skin detoxifying chain, SISLEY' s new BOTANICAL D-TOX is the answer for you. 
This should be pretty sweet after my mini getaway in Easter and post summer party seasons! *Adds into new beauty regime* 

#LifeOfABeautyBlogger – rushed to Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Serum launch after SISLEY’s Botanical Toxic Launch. This new antioxidant-rich formula features vitamins A, C, E and F to enhance cell-turnover, reduce hyperpigmentation, and ensure a smoother surface appearance. Great for use in morning and night.
With an existing range of great products under its belt, Dermalogica did it again by introducing the all new Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Serum. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins A,C,E and F – it claims to enhance cell – turnover, reduce hyperpigmentation and ensure a smoother surface appearance. New alternative to botox, perhaps?
I am pretty keen to add this into my new beauty regime – will keep you guys posted on how it goes!


Future Music Festival 2013 - which was pretty damn awesome! 


Then, it was an awesome Saturday night out with the girls @ Marquee - which further confirms why going out on a Friday is WAY better. 


Also, if you have been stalking following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (if not, WHY NOOTTT? Head over there now! :P) - I apologise for a series of back to back updates from The Unconvention organised by The Entourage - a community for under 40 (aspiring) entrepreneurs. 

Boy, did I have a massive brain seizure (in a good way, of course) with all the useful tips and information given that day by the inspiring Jack Delosa, the founder of TheEntourage (and a gazillion other achievements), Petar Lackovic and Kristine Sampson. Anyhoos, stay tune for a few wordy upcoming posts - don't wanna give away too much as yet. :P

Yours truly in between breaks, charging her iPhone like a bogan. #ClassyLady

I hope you enjoyed this EXTREMELY long update post and sincerely hope that it did not cause any bandwidth seizure due to the excessive amount of photos. HA

HAVE A LOVELY EASTER MY DEAR READERS - eat all the Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs. In Moderation of course! Don't forget - Eat This Burn That. :P
Any special plans??
Stay tune for the wrap ups for The Unconvention event - I will be blogging from a secret location! Whoop Whoop!


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