Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Through Beauty Eyes 2.0 and #LiveAspireBlog


As mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post , 2013 is about figuring out the direction of my career, this blog and life in general! I'm proud to say that it's going well thus far. I have been spending more time reading coaching, inspirational self help, careers (mainly women focus) blogs (all of which I used to think was bullshit) and they really help and my perspectives have changed so much since then! While I'm still a LONG way to go but I am definitely closer to where I want to be! 

So, I don't think I have ever went through my history of blogging. 

ThroughBeautyEyes is turning 3 this April, but I started blogging back in 2006 - being the rebellious 18 year old I was, I need a place to release my teen frustration and rants. Then, it evolved into a VERY personal blog throughout my university life, which talks about everything from my exam & assignment stress (PFFFT, those were NOTHING compared to the quarter life crisis I'm facing now) to issues with my room mate when I first moved out on my own, heartbreaks & crushes, crazy parties and events I attended (Looking back at those photos, I wonder how did I cope with partying for 3 consecutive days) and my battle with food, losing weight, fitness, bullemia (all of which will be revealed at Eat This Burn That soon! Head over to my ETBT FACEBOOK PAGE and "Like" it to keep yourself updated!) - just anything under the sun really!  

Through Beauty Eyes was born approximately three years ago when I decided to shut my personal blog with the fear that my potential future employer is able to track down all my crazy shenanigans, my hot crush of the week, my angry moments...on the World Wide Web. Yet, I wasn't ready to give up blabbing about random stuff online. And BAM - ThroughBeautyEyes was created. It became a platform for me to express my passion and love for make up/ beauty products and to share my cheap and awesome finds (who doesn't like the #winning feeling of snatching a good bargain?) - hence, the name "beauty". I talk, blog, rave about my favourite lipstick colours (which changes every couple of days. I know.), my new FOTD, the new dupe I discovered - all things related to beauty. 

However, beauty in my eyes has now gone beyond just lipstick, eyeshadows and blushes. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very much in love with my beauty products. Heck, I even painted my nails despite a broken finger (much to the amusement of my physiotherapist and many friends). Beauty in my eyes consists of appreciation of simple pleasures in life such as a good brunch spot, a cup of good coffee, a bottle of good wine, cool pubs and bars, fashion, health and fitness (@EatThisBurnThat) - just anything that makes me happy! 

So, do expect new features and more beauty unrelated stuff in this space! Its going to be a slow evolution as I'm still trying to "soul search", reevaluating stuff and tweak what's right for the blog! This is probably why my updates have been sporadic and inconsistent over the past few months. I could blame it on my injury, my work, being "flat out"...But these excuses are getting stale and IF I really want to, I would have been able to find time for to update. 

Ok, enough of babblings!Me thinks its time for some visual and fun stuff! I mean, a blog post is incomplete without pictures, don't you agree?

So, as part of my "branching out from beauty" initiatives, I decided to RSVP to the Blogging & Entrepreneurs #LiveAspireBlog Meet Up organised by the lovely and inspiring Jess from Live Healthy Simply and Ursula from The Aspirer last Sunday after finding out about it from Katherine of Through My Looking Glass!

 Definitely something new and never been done before.

 On the contrary to popular belief, I can be shy at times and maybe a tad socially awkward when it comes to networking events. #truestory

 Hence, I dragged along my partner in crime - Miss An Ly who has a lovely blog at Lemon Lime Glitters

The meet up was held at a vegan friendly cafe at Bondi Junction - Earth To Table which serves raw treats and superfoods! My advice is - don't underestimate these superfoods. A little go a LONG way! I could barely finish half a glass of my Raw Chocolate Superfood Smoothie with Maca, Goji and Lucuma (I think I will stick to #eatclean for now - superfood is a whole new level for me! Lol).


Truth to be told, I was THIS close to bailing because weather was absolute rubbish on Saturday and the event starts at 9:30am (Yes, its almost unheard of that Adeline will be seen at 9:30am on a Sunday morning.) I am glad the angel side took over me that morning and rocked up instead. THANK GOD I DID. After meeting and speaking to the ambitious ladies with the same goals and objectives, I left feeling more inspired and recharged! 

"Do not expect positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people" 

That statement could never be more accurate and spot on! I used to think it is bullshit and it's just another "life quote". But trust me, once you start hanging around like-minded people who strive towards the same direction as you, you will more motivated and hungry for success. 

The two lessons that I have taken away with me from that quick meet up were:

1. Never say never. You just gotta believe in yourself, believe that you can succeed and take the plunge. There will never be the right moment. So JUST DO IT.

2. Start screening the people you have been hanging around with and stay away from the negative people. They do more harm than good to any goals you have. You know those who doubt you the instant you tell them your ideas/ plans instead of providing constructive criticism? YES, THOSE. 

Being surrounded my inspiring people is simply amazing! It keeps me going whenever I am on the verge of giving up or having self doubt! Trust me, it really makes a difference! :)

I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the changes in the future! 

Let me know if there's any new features that you would love to see on Through Beauty Eyes! 


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