Wednesday, September 11, 2013


"What are your plans this weekend?"

"Gold Coast babyyy!"

"Lucky you - gonna have a massive one aye"

"Nar, I am heading there for a conference so I gotta behave on Friday"

Uttering the word "conference" just made me feel intelligent and important already. HA. 

I have been to a few blogging/sponsored/free conferences over the past couple of years (ABBW in 2011, Beauty Blogger Utopia in 2012, The Entourage Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention this year) but this would be my first paid conference I am attending (out of my own pocket unfortunately) in the past 24 years in my life. Can't blame for being so excited yet nervous at the same time, can you?

And since creating list is like totes, the thing right now, I am gonna have a ProBlogger2013 checklist for the *cough* important *cough* stuff.
(What I pack in my travel/ make up bag deserves a post on its own :P) 

Notebook; PowerBank; Business Cards; Pens

1. Me, myself and I. By I, I meant my iPhone and iPad Mini.  What's a social media/ blogging conference without the new media devices? Still debating if I am going to lug my MacBook Pro with me as I reckon my mini would do but I like being equipped. 

2. Chargers.  The devices mentioned above serve no purpose without your trusty charger. I will be bringing both my wall charger and portable charger aka power bank (seriously, BEST. INVENTION. EVER. if you're a social media junkie like myself). I swear my hand drains my phone battery simply by holding it. 

3. A pretty Notebook.  As much as I am married to my iPhone and iPad, I still enjoy writing on a good ol' notebook especially when it comes to making goals and lists. With colourful pens, may I add. 

BTW, my @EatThisBurnThat business card is designed using Canva. If you're a graphic design noob like myself and need some quick designing fix, get an invitation now to try out the new Canva (as they are still in beta phase!)

4. Business cards.  The last thing you want is having to write down your contact details and all your social media platform for every blog crush/ potential collaborator you meet. It takes time and not cool. I had my ThroughBeautyEye cards all ready to go and having my EatThisBurnThat ones printed tomorrow!  (Thumbs up for being so last minute. :P)

5. A checklist & schedule. To ensure that you're making the most out of PB, make a checklist of goals (ie, what are you expecting/ the outcomes from this conference), people you want to meet (hello, twitter pal!) and most importantly the sessions you want to attend. As there will be multiple sessions happening concurrently, its important to pick the ones that are most aligned to your blog goals/ direction. 

6. Plan your outfits.  If you're not from Brisbane like myself, nothing is worst than an outfit crisis. So, make sure you have your outfits planned (and always bring an extra "emergency"outfit or two. just in case...) especially for the Friday networking night. Apparently, Hilton Surfer Paradise and bubbly are involved. :P

7. Mint.  Pleasant breath in a networking event is mandatory. Nuff said. Do you want to be known as "that chick/ guy with the garlic breath"? I guess not.

REEF After Sun & Tan Extender, Coconut Sun Screen & sunnies. 

BONUS: Sunnies, sun screen and after sun care because what is a trip to Surfer Paradise without these necessities?

These are the important stuff - I will have a sequel post on my travel/ carry on bag! Yes, no prizes for those who guessed that I will be lugging all these products with me to make sure my make up is oh-so-long-lasting.

ONE more sleep to Gold Coast and TWO MORE SLEEPS to Pro Blogger, I am pretty stoked. Can't wait to meet a few of my social media-pals, catching up with bloggers, and most importantly learn, learn and learn more about blogging!

If you're gonna be there this weekend, don't forget to say hi!
I promise, I don't smell. :P


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