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Want longer lasting...............................Make up?

(Dear Sydneysiders, remember the billboard? And no, we ain't talking about sex here today. :P) 

I have my fair share of events to attend in my duo life as a beauty blogger. It's great if its in the morning because I will have a fresh face of make up (although getting out of bed would have been a mission). However, most of them are usually held after work.Not that I'm complaining because its pretty sweet to wind down a busy day after work with a glass (or a few) whilst playing with new beauty products. See, I'm quite a lazy person - touching up an entire face of make up after a long day is quite a chore and I try to avoid it as much as I could. 

THANK GOD after playing and trialling a million and one different products, I have came up with my long-lasting day make up and doesn't take more than 5 minutes to touch up (or 10 if I decide to slap some falsies on!) which involves cleaning up my undereye with a concealer and further intensify my eyeliner (and maybe reapply the blushes depending on the blush I'm using that day). And of course, finishing up with my trusty setting powder and apply the power lipstick of the day. 

Without further ado, let's get to these products! 

The main and "core" products that keep my face from melting away - also what I called the 
"skeleton" products: 

Face Primer: Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30*
I have never really been a huge fan of face primer as I tend to have really dry skin and most of the time, I am ok with almost flawless foundation routine with my freckles still feasible. HOWEVER, my life changed when I discovered this baby! It's velvety texture glides on my face like silk to form the perfect canvas base for my foundation application. This primer is pretty pigmented with a neutral, colour correcting tint that evens out my skin tone. So, my dears, a little does go a long way here. 

Foundation: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (#11)
Always go back to this baby if I want that flawless, porceleine finish. #11 is my perfect match for foundation and doesn't leave me looking like Snow "White".  This foundation provides full coverage with a natural matte finish (yes this is possible!) and it lasts forever!! By forever, I meant all day, all night. 

However, I might take a step back on this foundation as the temperature rises as I find it a little too heavy in the warmer months. And, it's all about the freckles in summer, right?

Concealer: Borjois Healthy Mix Concealer in Apricot
If you have been reading Through Beauty Eyes, you would have known I am a HUGE fan of Benefit Fake Up concealer (especially after a night of shenanigans! I gave you some tips on how to hide your "I am so effing hungover" face HERE.). As the coverage of the Skin Base Foundation is pretty solid, I rarely find myself requiring heaving concealing. A tiny pea size of this concealer is enough to cover any remaining dark circles I have and around my nose and it blends with my Skin Base foundation pretty awesomely, just like a dream. 

Setting Powder: MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (Medium)
BEST setting powder ever and I am onto my second one already. I set it after applying my foundation and concealer and set it again after my blush and contouring routine. No, I do not look like a cakeface and this is why I love MSF! 

This is my "perfect" face routine at the moment as most of the time, I find myself needing to touch up my face make up by the end of the day before any night events. Not with this golden combination however. The most I would do is just to mattify my face a little with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (if I am not too lazy, that is :P)

Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
I don't think I need further explanation on this, do I?

Eyebrow: Face of Australia Eyebrow Kit*
Cheap cheap, create that ideal brows that last all day - what more can you ask for from an eyebrow kit? And to support your local brand! 

Eyeliner: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
This has been my HG eyeliner over the past 1.5 years and I am probably on my 6th or 7th one now. Perfect felt tip that makes it easy to create that gorgeous cat winged eye and most importantly, it doesn't crease! Did I mention it has now been repackaged and the tube is pink? (Not that it's an important factor, but pink is always brownies point :P)

It is available on Sasa.Com but I usually stock mine up when I am over in Asia.

Eyeliner: Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eyeliner in Black
Another HG Eyeliner pencil which I have been using for years and repurchased countless times. Did a detailed review and swatches almost THREE years ago HERE - yeap have been a loyal fan since then. If you are looking for an affordable, pigmented and crease prove pencil eyeliner, you might have just found the one

Mascara: Dolly Wink Volume Mascara (Purple Tube)
HG Mascara, nuff said. Just like the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, I have been going through tubes after tubes over the past 2 years. This works amazingly well on my Asian lashes and give me half decent curls that holds and volume. In fact, this puts me off falsies for the past 2 years as I am pretty damn satisfied with applying it on its own, until I discovered Katy Perry's KAPOW falsies of course. 

As for my eyes, I go with either the neutral taupe/gold smokey eyes (when I am wearing bright, bold lippies) or purple-grey smokey eyes (for days when I prefer the subtle lip colours over loud ones)

Neutral taupe/ gold smokey eyes

Creme Eyeshadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze & Bold Gold
I LOVE these little pot of awesomeness - works well on its own for a quick over the lid colour or perfect as a base to hold your eyeshadow even better. This + UDPP = killer combination to ensure your eyeshadow stays! 

Eyeshadow: INGLOT Freedom Palette (AMC Shine #34, Matte 378 & Pearl 422
After rediscovering my INGLOT palette which I conveniently ignored not long after purchasing them two years ago, I was reminded how great these eyeshadows are! Super pigmented and vibrant, minimum fall outs and doesn't crease! No touch up needed at all when I use them! 

Purple-grey smokey eyes

Creme Eyeshadow: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Illusoire 
This is my favourite purple-grey-ish (forgive me for the lack of better word) colour and like the Maybelline Color Tattoo, it works perfectly well as a base or on its own. Except, this costs you a few extra plates of dumprings money. :P 

Eyeshadow: Smashbox Girls On Film Softbox Eyeshadow Palette* 
(reviewed and swatched HERE)
I am usually good to go with Minx + Sienna but on days that I felt like a heavier look, I would add a matte black/ burgundy shadow to further intensify the smokey look. Easy peasy. 

Katy Perry X One Direction Fragrance
Lashes: Katy Perry KAPOW lashes* (Massive rave about it HERE
As seen in my recent post, I am a HUGE fan of this natural - looking lashes with a hint of purple tone and have been rocking them at every launches I went and Friday night drinks. ABSOLUTE DARLING! 

A fresh look at 8amin the morning! 

This is how it looks at 11pm - as you can see apart from a slight smudging at my lower eyes, the rest of my make up is still pretty intact! All I did was touch up my blush, apply falsies, mattify my face with MAC MSF and apply a bright lip colour! 

And the eye make up is almost as fresh as 7am in the morning! 

You can check out my FAV lip products for a night out/ events HERE

I hope you enjoyed this post on my long- lasting make up "secrets".

What are you favourite long lasting products?
OR any secret tips?
Do share in the comment below! 

 *PR Samples

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