Monday, September 6, 2010


So, I am not exactly the most dedicated person when it comes to skin care. In fact, lazy is probably a better word to describe. There are days where I go to bed without cleansing my face (kinda gross I know, but oh well….) or days where I just fall asleep without applying moisturizer. You see, I am kinda lucky to be blessed with relatively good skin (ie, no random break outs) and the latter is probably more an issue to me than the former thanks to my dry skin.

Anyways, without digressing any further, let’s get back to the topic today – L’Oreal’s new Perfect Clean Cleanser with its revolutionary Clean Pod. There are 3 different products from this range - LO'real Paris Perfect Clean Detoxifying Foaming Gel (for normal to combination skin); LO'real Paris Perfect Clean Cleans & Softens Foaming Cream (for dry or sensitive skin) and LO'real Paris Perfect Clean Gentle Apricot Scrub (for every skin type).

L'Oreal Paris Perfect Cleans & Softens Foaming Cream
" The Cleans & Softens Foaming Cream is a soap-free, fragrance-free foaming cleanser which removes impurities to leave skin feeling both clean and comfortable. Perfect for dry or sensitive skins, this cream based formula gently cleanses the skin with no harshess." 
 The break-through Clean Pod is a super soft and flexible cleansing disc dermo-clinically proven to clean the skin more effectively. A bit more facts about this truly innovative Clean Pod – it is a silicon cleansing brush with 500 soft, flexible tips which mould to facial contours for a gentle massage that cleans the skin, pore by pore. The pod is so flexible that even difficult-to-access areas such as the sides of your nose are left perfectly cleaned. The flexible tips enhance the cleansing formula’s performance to eliminate more dirt and make up

Step 1: Remove the plastic protector over the Clean Pod
Step 2: Push the "pop button" at the back to remove Clean Pod
Step 3: Hold the clean pod between your fingers. Pour the customised cleaning lotion (nut sized quantity) onto the Clean Pod.
Step 4: Lather and activate the perfect Clean formula by massaging the CleanPod onto a damp face.

I was sent the Cleans & Softens Foaming Cream as it suits my skin best (dry and sensitive). The packaging for the Clean Pad is really unique – all you need to do is push the little “pop button” at the back of the bottle to pop the clean pad out and you’re ready to use. After using, the Clead Pod can be replaced back into the bottle or suctioned onto a smooth surface, such as shower tiles or a mirror. Easy and convenient.

 I never realised how much dirt has accumulated over the years until I started using L’Oreal’s new Perfect Clean Cleanser. Before I go further in depth on how I like it, it should be split into two parts – the cleanser and the Clean Pod. Honestly speaking, there isn’t much to shout about the cleanser as most cleanser I have used does the job of “cleaning” my face. The Clean Pod, on the other hand, is indeed revolutionary. It gives a nice tingly feeling when massaged all over face and it feels like there’s a little exfoliation going on.  My face feels extremely clean after cleansing with the Clean Pod. Little did I know how much “make up residuals” (such as foundation or BB cream in my case) were there on my face even after using makeup remover.  You will also be surprised how much dirt your face has after a long day.

After trying L’Oreal Perfect Clean Cleanser for approximately 3 weeks, My skin is more refreshed, ultra – smooth and definitely cleansed in-depth. I like the “squeaky clean” and refreshed feeling after cleansing my face with the Clean Pod. I would definitely recommend this to you beauties out there – it cleanses your face really thoroughly and the best part is, it’s affordable and inexpensive, retailing at RRP $12.95 in grocery, selected pharmacies, department and variety stores.

Will I repurchase it?
Not at the moment as I have quite a few more cleansers to go through at the moment. And as I mentioned earlier, there's nothing great about the cleanser. I could probably use the Clean Pod with my own cleanser.

Have any of you try any product from the LO'real Perfect Clean Range?

Disclaimer: I was actually one of the lucky 20 who got selected by PRIMPED to try out this new product and write a review for their page*click*. And I thought, since I already wrote for them, might as well write a more detailed one for my blog. :)



Dolce♥Bunny said...

Never tried this ranged but read alot about it and everyone gave the same responce like you saying that they will keep the clean pod and use their own cleanser. Good review though!

Gaby said...

I don't really get the difference between this product and the Go 360° Clean with the Scrublet. I'm not sure this product is available where I live yet, but it sure looks interesting!