Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi lovelies,

I decided to take a break from the usual FOTD post ( just in case you guys are sick of my camwhoric photos you know LOL) and share with you guys the stuff I got during my recent Cherry Culture haul. :) I have been eying some stuff the website for quite a while but the Asian in me refused to pay for shipping which is usually at least 20% of the total purchase. However, I finally gave in when they were having 20% off their entire website thanks to their "back to school sale" and ordered stuff that I have wanted to try in ages! The orders came in during my "package week"! If it wasn't due to the pathetic state of my current bank balance, I would of probably hauled more during their labour day sale last week.

A box full of make up for only USD 110, including shipping, which is relatively cheap in my opinion. I mean, a REVLON foundation costs A$40 and their lipstick costs A$22. And it was meant to be drugstore products. So USD 110 for that many products is pretty damn reasonable. 

NYX Single Eyeshadows & Milani Single Eyeshadows
(Will do a swatch post, eventually

More Milani products - Milani Sunset Duos (which Blush is apparently a close dupe for NARS Orgasm) and 2 Milani Eyeshadow Quads (1 for my sister =D)
I am LOVING the bronzer from the Sunset Duo at the moment and I am yet to try the Eyeshadow Quad out.

NYX Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils; Milani Lipsticks and Liquif'eye Eyeliner Pencil 
I am totally loving the Milani Color Perfect lipsticks (as can be seen in this post) and their Liquif'eye Eyeliner (I can totally understand all the hype about this product now!). 

This is one of the BEST hauls I have ever made as I am loving most of the products so far and have been using them alot ever since these babies arrived. Like I said before, you don't have to blow a gazillion dollars on high end make up to recreate that favourite look of yours and look good. Inexpensive products with relatively good quality do exist. =P That being said, I still enjoy collecting limited edition stuff and that obviously is highly dependent on my financial situation (Eg: Although I wanted a few stuff from MAC's recent Fabulous Feline collection, I gave it a pass cos I was pov like a mofo. =.=")

I will definitely do a more detailed review with swatches for some of the products mentioned above, the ones that I love most and will definitely repurchase. So, stay tune for that. =P

Have you tried any of the products above? What's your favourite NYX and Milani product? 



Nic Nic said...

Nice haul there!! I have made a cherry culture haul about 2 yrs ago when I was in the UK. I would buy more but their shipping is quite pricey. Nw NYX is available in japan but 4 times more expensive i think LOL.

I have a few nyx shadows which I havent really used. i should really try!!

cant wait for your looks with your haul! XD

Cydia said...

Niceee haul!! And no im im not sick of your photos and will never be in fact i really like it hahahahaa but haul is good too hehehe goshh im so jealous of the NYX goodies lol hahahaha ive never tried Milani before and i heard that their eyeliner's pretty good!

Nicol said...

thats actually not a bad price since it included shipiing. so much stuff! ive always loved the nyx lipsticks. think i may try the lipglosses soon. ive never heard of milani

Jennifer and Sherry said...

i've never tried the Milani but my friend uses it and really likes it! it's a great price and works well. :)

jennifer & sherry

Susie said...

Nice haul! I love when they have discounts :P I gotta' love NYX!