Friday, September 3, 2010

PACKAGE WEEK: #1 - Inuovi & Jager Haul

 This week should totally be called "Package Week" as I received packages 4 out of 5 days this week and THAT makes me a happy girl!=) 2 of them are my hauls from Stefan & Cherry Culture and the other 2 are from Sam and Jojoba. =P

I will probably consumed all your bandwidth if I were to do a collective haul post of all the stuff I bought and received, so I decided to break them down and post them separately. I first heard about Inuovi products from Janice and wasn't really interested in them until she told me she placed her second order. *peer pressure* After resisting the temptation for DAYS, I finally gave in and made my order last week after a long, shit day.

While I was placing my orders, I was trying to search for swatches for these Inuovi & Jager products but they were VERY limited, almost close to none. So, I have included some swatches in this post and hopefully it helps those of you who wants to try out these cheapass products too. =)

-A$26, including postage-
THESE are the stuffs I got from Stefan - consisting of both Inuovi and Jager (which I have absolutely no idea what brand this is and google wasn't much of a help either). Stefan is having a clearance sale at their website at the moment with Inouvi & Jager products for A$1 EACH


Got myself 2 eyeshadows, 5 blushes and 1 lipstick 
(Stefan added 2 lipsticks to replace the Jager Lipstick in Naughty that was out of stock which was very nice of them)

Cheek, Chiffon, Melon
(As you can tell from the photo above, the shades are pretty similar, especially Cheek and Melon)

Melon, Cheek, Chiffon
(To be honest, I can't really tell the difference between Melon & Cheek and I am yet to try them on my face)

Candy, Future

Candy, Future

All these blushes are matte based - so you might want to use it with a highlight product. The colours are pretty pigmented as you can tell from the pictures above (all the swatches are made with one swatch). As for the lasting power, I can't really comment much as yet because I haven't tried them out. Let me know if any of you want a more detailed review on these blushes.

Siren Red

Yellow Flash

As you can tell, the red is more pigmented than the yellow. I am definitely not a bloody red or bright yellow kind of person but I thought it'd be nice to have bold colours like this in my collection. Who knows, I might need these colours for the next dressed up party I am going. Moreover, they are only 1 dorrar each. =)

Peach, Lychee, Sensual. 
(Lychee and Sensual are the replacement lipsticks)

Top to bottom - Peach, Lychee, Sensual.
I am sure you can tell how pigmented these lipsticks are, and the colours are slightly darker than what I expected. I certainly did not expect peach to be THIS dark. And the lipsticks are EXTREMELY moisturizing, I kid you not. It feels like I am applying lip balm with colours. 


-With Flash-

- Without Flash-


-With flash-

- Without flash-


- With flash-

- Without flash-

Personally, I think the photos without flash is a better illustration of the actual colour.


Got myself 2 eyeshadows duo, 1 Sheer as Silk Two Way Face Cover, 1 Pigment, 2 Lipsticks.
Truth to be told, this is my FIRST TIME coming across this brand Jager - tried googling it but to no avail- but I decided to give it a try anyways, since they are 1 buck each (totally not what a rational consumer should be doing)

The Eyeshadow Duos

Jager Everlasting Eyeshadow in Vivi Voo

Jager Everlasting Eyeshadow in Petal to the Metal

Gotta admit that these colours are pretty but not that great in the pigmentation department. I had to swatch 3-4 times in order to get the pigmentation above.

Sheer as Silk Two Way Face Cover in Sheer Bronze

I have been trying to look for something new to replace my almost-hit-pan Maybelline Dream Matte Powder and I thought wow this might be it. Little did I know that it only came in Sheer Bronze, which is clearly too dark for me. =.="

Metallica Eye Shimmer in Natural

Jager Flirt Lipstick in Fruit Glazed & Shimmer

Top to bottom: Fruit Glazed & Shimmer.

Overall, these products are pretty good for 1 dollar - the packaging isn't the best but I guess you can't complain much for the price you pay. My favourite product of the lot is probably the blusher and am definitely looking forward to trying them out! =)
As Stefan is an Australian based company (in Melbourne if I am not mistaken), postage was extremely quick! I made my order on Thursday night and received them on Monday.

What do you think of these 1 dollar products? Anything that caught your attention? 

Disclaimer: All products mentioned above are purchased using my own money.



Tara said...

lovely haul!

Claire said...

Awesome haul! I Nouvi is cosmetics company based in Singapore. Their brush cleanser is superb & gets all the rave. :)

Anonymous said...

heya babe how do u order ur cherry culture products? can u share with us? thanks!

GabZ1985 said...

The melon shade looks like it's a little brighter, it pops out more. But it could be because the color is between the other two..

Great haul, for real cheap too!

Adeline said...

@ Anonymous: Heya! Just go to, there will be a whole list of different products for you to choose :) Just click add to cart and when you're done, just click checkout and everything is pretty much self explanatory from there. =P Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

i posted about this sale opn stefan on my blog some time ago. some kind reader came to my review to add the 1 dollar sale so i had to announce it. i should have bought some too but i tried them before so i want to try something else instead. hey, i meant Inuovi. It's a brand readily available in Malaysia. but of course not at this cheap low price.

i had tons of its lipstick swatches but those were taken under super poor store lighting so nothing as lovely as yours on the lips. now i think i may go to pick up some shades while the sale is still on. that sensual looks hot.

Adeline said...

@jojoba: ohhh, I think that was before I start reading your blog. I haven't tried them before and I thought $1 sale is a perfect timing to do so =P you should, they are SUPER moist but the colours are more towards the bold side.