Monday, March 7, 2011

Illamasqua "TOXIC NATURE" Preview 04.03.2011

Unpredictable, uncharted, unnatural. Distorted by mankind, the natural world is fighting back. 

Once again, British-cult make up brand, Illamasqua brings to you yet another extraordinary collection - Spring / Summer 2011 TOXIC NATURE Collection. :) 

Alex Box, Illamasqua  Creative Director was inspired by the volcanic eruption that took place in Europe last year. The Illamasqua Toxic Nature Spring/Summer 2011 collection is based on the vision of nature taking revenge on those who intend to damage and destroy it. 

In retaliation against the genetically modified society that plunders it, the landscape has issued forth a torrent of hybrid shades. Corrupted hues glister amongst muted tones - extreme, intoxicating versions of their original selves. 

This is an atomic - botanical environment where survival is key and camouflage by colour is the path to existence. 
Become a herald of the new age of toxic nature with unchartered night - time make up. 

Enough of Toxic Nature promo pictures, time to move on to the cream of the cake! :)

Last Friday, I was lucky to be invited to the exclusive preview of the Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection at Woolloomooloo Wharf. :)

Superduperly delicious MACAROONS!!!!!! 

Friday night with champagne, macaroons AND make up, what more can a girl ask for? :)

The lovely Christabel who's behind all this Friday-awesomeness, explaining the story behind this new collection and showcasing Illamasqua 's new product - the cream pigment

- Emerge, Bedaub, Delirium, Hollow

I am pretty sure we have all came across either a cream product (think paint pot or cream shadow) or pigment but cream pigment? This is definitely the first time. This revolutionary cream pigment is very versatile as you can apply it on your eye, lips, face and body albeit I have only tried it on my lids so far. :P

The make up artist working his magic on Illamasqua' model of the night - Frances. (I am not sure if I spelt her name right.)

TA-DA - the final result. 

Frances' tutu dress (which was DIY-ed btw!) was inspired by this promo pic. 

A close up of the GORGEOUS LOOK!

Don't they look alike? :)

And that gorgeous lime green polish is part of their new nail collection - Radium, which happens to be my NOTW too.

The products used to create the look above.

Illamasqua is well-known for its versatility and it's all about being extraordinary and living beyond main stream limitations. Hence, most of their products can be used anywhere, be it eyes, lips, face or your body.

Let's use Frances as an example, Atomic lipstick was used as a blush, Precision Ink was used as both a nude lipstick (Glister) and to create the "black tears" effect.

Confused? Too much to digest from all the amazing photos above? 

Well, let me take you on a tour around the secret garden of Toxic Nature Spring/Summer 2011 collection that will blow your mind away!


TOP: Emerge (Peach), Bedaub (Mint), Dab (Lilac)
BOTTOM: Hollow (Toffee), Delirium (Rose Taupe), Mould (Grape)

L-R - Purity, Gamma, Radium, Bacterium and Stagnate


 Atomic (fushia violet) and Flare (bright orange) are the two toxic tones that screams sexy, which is your ultimate urban survival too for the neon generation. 

This is all you need in your make up purse, to instantly brighten up your neutral work FOTD and you're ready to paint the town red! 


It comes with 2 matching sheer lipgloss - Torture (coral peach) and Divine (fuchsia pink).

Lipstick & Lipgloss swatches. 

Pampering session - manicure by Mandy. :)

VOILA - Radium with Bacterium tips. :)

Pretty nails!!! To be honest, I was never really a fan of green but this gorgeous lime green colour caught my attention the moment I set my eyes on the array of nail polishes laid across the table. 

All bloggers were given a little gift at the end of the event and Christabel carefully picked different products for every blogger depending on their personalities. And I gotta say, she sure knows me well as she picked the top 2 products that I had my eyes on all night!!!!

Atomic Lipstick 

Delirium Cream Pigment 

*Under natural light*

*With flash*

I am absolutely in love with these 2 products and I have already created a FOTD using both of them, which compliments each other too, may I add. 
Fret not lovelies, it will be coming up shortly :)

This was my FOTD for last Friday, slightly more dramatic but still not OTT for work with the Circle Lenses and falsies. :) 

Stay tune for the FOTDs!

For more promo photos and information regarding the Toxic Nature, feel free to check out Illamasqua's website!
Illamasqua's Toxic Nature Spring/Summer Collection 2011 will be released in the UK on the 17 March 2011 and is available online on the 10 March 2011.
I am not really sure with the release date here in Australia but I reckon it should be at the end of March. Will provide you guys with an update once I have gotten the right date :)


What is your favourite from this collection? Any lemmings?

Let me know. :P



.blushfully. said...

Wow la la! Nice! Those cream pigments look gorgeous! The one you received is such a nice color too! =p Been sorta lemming something from Illamasqua but haven't decided which to pick!

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Fables in Fashion said...

yay! Super jealous of your Sydney bloggers, sounds like the event was amazing! I can't wait to try out the cream pigments for myself, they look fantastic!

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That's what I'm talking about! That's the eyes so beautiful and amazing! You're one great artist. Thanks for sharing.

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Great post Adeline.
The gifts you received are perfect, i love the lip color on you.

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