Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hey lovelies, 

How's your week treating you so far? I am FINALLY done with my Financial Reporting exam on Tuesday (Celebration time! Except, I am still coughing like an old granny and am down with a nasty flu thanks to the insanely cold weather here in Sydney.) Will be back to my blogging track, with more frequent posting. :) I have attended a couple of events since I sealed my exam papers in the envelop and handed over to the invigilator and Kiehl's Beauty Blogger Event was one of them. Many thanks to Elise Garland Public Relations for organising the event. 

From the title of this post, you can probably tell that Kiehl's Australia is cutting their price significantly! Just a little background information here, for you non-Aussies out there, the Australian retail price for beauty products hasn't exactly been exactly favourable with its ridiculously high price. (For example, a MAC lipstick costs $14.50 in the States but a whopping A$35 here in Australia.) Hence, it's good to know that the Australian franchises are finally decided to do something about the sky-rocket price and mark them down. I understand that most retailers still need to achieve a certain margin and you do get taxed at a higher rate here in Australia, but at least someone is finally trying to make beauty products more affordable for us avid beauty fanatics out there. =)

Kiehl's new slogan - 

Thanks to Kiehl's worldwide success and growth, they decided to give back to their customers by dropping their prices in Australia. The announcement was made in 2011 Kiehl's Skincare Symposium in Sydney and Kiehl's Price Drop is effective from 9th May 2011. 

Many iconic, cult products including Creme de Corps range of body lotions, Ultra Facial skin care products, the highly-efficacious Dermatologist Solutions Range, and everyone's favourite: Lip Balm #1.
We were given a 4 pages updated Price List, which details the new RRP for the Kiehl's products that are part of "Kiehl's Growing, Price are Shrinking" campaign. 

Feel free to drop me an email if you wanna find out whether your favourite Kiehl's product is involved in this change or simply head over to Kiehl's Australia Facebook page for more information. 

I think there's enough background information for the time being and lets move on to the event on Tuesday night. :)
There were a few skin consultants there to help us out - analysing our skin type and recommending suitable products according to our skin type and age group. At the risk as coming across as a total noob, I was super fascinated by this "PH paper look-a-like-thingamajiggy" (Does any of you know what is it called?) which was used by Melanie, my skin consultant for the night to analyse my skin type. All Melanie did was place that paper at the top of my forehead and cheeks and base on the changes on the paper, she was able to tell that my forehead is normal skin type and my cheeks is in the dry department. (Unfortunately, I was too busy being intrigued by that and forgotten about the camera I was holding and I don't have a photo of it. #failblogger). 

Each blogger takes home with them a press release kit (the small carry bag) with a "I ♥ Kiehl's" mug and 2 Kiehl's products + their famous lip balm, complementary of Kiehl's Australia. :)

A couple of samples that were given by the lovely Kiehl's consultant. :)

So, in conjunction with Kiehl's awesome initiative of price reduction, Kiehl's Australia are having a fun competition for us beauty bloggers and that involves a little favour from my lovely readers. 

If you have Facebook: Head over to Kiehl's Australia Facebook page , "Like"Kiehl's Australia Facebook page and post on there "I found about the Kiehl's Price Drop from Through Beauty Eyes and my favourite product is.........."

If you are on Twitter: Simply post "@egpr_beauties I found out about the Kiehl's Price Drop from @AdelineEr and my favourite product is............."

For the extensive list of Kiehl's product range, check out
My personal favourite is Kiehl's Avocado Eyecream! I am already going through my second one. :)

I know everyone is excited to know what are the PRIZES for this exciting competition.
The blogger with the most comments on the will win the competition and receive a deluxe pack of Kiehl's best selling products and of course one lucky reader will be receiving a plethora of deluxe samples. :)

The competition concludes on Friday, 20 May 2011. It will be greatly appreciated if you lovely readers is able to head over to Kiehl's Australia Facebook page or tweet about it. Rove you rong time Love you long timeeee 

Just a quick note, my 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway is now CLOSED. I am still in the progress of collating everyone's entry on a spreadsheet. The winner will be announced either tomorrow or at the latest Tuesday. :)



Maeve Rachel said...

I hope you feel better soon!! Sounds like a great company and great night! =) Good luck in the competition! =D

나니 said...

You're such a sweetheart! Haha <3
DAMN DENMARK FOR NOT HAVING KIEHL'S! D: -kicks around- My country is so damn beauty deprived.. it's ridiculous >_<"