Sunday, May 8, 2011

PhotoPost - Quickieeeee =)

Happy Sunday everyone!!! =)

Hope you Sydney-siders are out soaking up some sun in this gorgeous weather, considering we are towards the end of autumn. I, on the other hand, have been home-bound and being a hermit since last Wednesday, in preparation for my Financial Reporting paper for my CA exam on Tuesday. :( The fact that I am coughing like an old grandma isn't really helping either. :(

Just a quick update whilst taking a 10 minutes break after lunch before I go into total lockdown mode for the next 36 hours. A quick picture post about what's been happening in my life as of late. They are mainly random photos taking using my iPhone or PhotoBooth, hence not watermarked. :)

Asian lollies to keep me sane! They are all gone now btw. =.="

My Soap And Glory haul from Kitcosmetics. Absolutely loving these products!  
I have been doing quite a bit of online retail therapy in the past 2 weeks, which I am pretty positive that my credit card is hating me at the moment. Do expect a couple of collective haul posts after Tuesday.=)

Very much needed caffeine! Large strong latte is what I always get. =)

B&W shot with my brand new Raybans from ShopBob (Gotta make use of the strong AUD right? :P)

My nicely tabbed notes - Open book exam but the course materials are beyond normal means. It's like 4 semesters worth of uni work crammed into a 3 months course. =.="

My Sunday face (taken 2 weeks ago) - Face of Australia Mineral Foundation, minimum eye make up and bright lips. =)

State of my desk at the moment - it's embarrassingly messy and looks like it has just been hit by a massive tornado! 

Outfit of the night - What I wore to Madame Butterfly ballet performance at Sydney Opera House during Anzac Day. =)

Hope you enjoyed this quick update-photopost. 
I seriously cannot wait for this to be over and have my life back! 
Gym, blogging, social life or simply just chilling! 
I was super bummed out having to miss RAFW due to my study commitment but I am glad that I have a few beauty events coming up next week AFTER my exam. Definitely looking forward to it! :)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! 

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Till then,



Noniek said...

Love your outfit!
I also like 'Kopiko' candy. It's made from my country :)

Maeve Rachel said...

I love your outfit! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!! =)