Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still Alive, BRB

Hi lovelies! :)

I know I know, ThroughBeautyEyes should be topping the Hall of Shame list at the moment for going on an unannounced hiatus for a month! My greatest apologies for that!

As some of you may already know, I'm in the process of moving to my new place. That definitely means furniture shopping for WEEKS and getting utilities sorted and what not during my free time. With the extremely limited leftover time I have, I spent it with Christian Grey in bed. All curled up. #FiftyShadesOfGrey #NOTguiltyascharged

ANYWAYS, just thought I did do a quick post before any of you assumed that this blog is dead. I will be moving in within the next week - will be back on my little blogging space once I'm settled in and of course when TPG decides to enlighten me as to when will the Internet be set up. I envisage the great return of yours truly to be approximately 2 weeks. =P

Blogging is still a hobby of mine and last thing I want is to succumb to "obligated blogging".

Till then, you little ones have a drink and stay safe =P Happy EVE!


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나니 said...

Aw don't worry about it too much.. sometimes we all just need a break! Hope you find the desire to blog again : D And cheer up! We'll be waiting for you!