Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ThroughBeautyEyes is Back!! :)

Hello buttercups! 

It has been a while. A while seems to be quite an understatement here. I have missed this humble space of mine and you lovely readers of course (if there are still any left after this 1.5 months hiatus of mine). Whatever it is, I am glad to say the hiatus is coming to an end and I am back with more random musings on make up, food, events and just anything.... random. =P

Just thought I did give you girls a quick update on what's been happenin' as of late:

First and foremost, I would like to send my deepest condolences to the Kelly's family. 

Read full article HERE.
If you are residing in Australia or follow Australian news, you would have probably came across this news on national TV or newspapers. A young and innocent 18 year old kid with his whole life ahead of him had fell victim to some animal with a fucked up mind who was probably on drugs. 
Unprovoked. King. Punch. 

 I remember receiving a phone call from a friend on Sunday night letting me know of the incident to visiting the hospital. Everything happened so quickly and unexpected. Everything seems so surreal.  

Tom was a colleague and a friend. He went from the shy young boy fresh from high school to a young man. We talked about gym, fitness, protein shakes, zumba classes, chicks - he was almost like a little brother. According to his mum, his life is finally on track and BAM - he was taken away just like that simply because some junkie was in the mood to fight. 

Very unfortunately, the CCTVs around were not able to catch the face of the attacker. So, if you happened to be around the area last Saturday, please come forward and get in touch with NSW Police on 1800 333 000. 

This shocking incident really put life into perspective - Life is too short and unexpected. Never take anything for granted.


ANYHOOS, I digress from the above...

As some of you may already know, I have finally moved into my new crib - which was the main reason why I have been disappearing from the blogosphere. All the packing, unpacking, organising have drawn most of my energy plus mommabear was in town as well, that leaves me almost no time to attend to this place. Not too mention, it took me over 2 weeks to have the internet connection set up in thie new place, blogging was almost mission impossible.

But fret not, ThroughBeautyEyes is back. There might be bits and pieces that required serious tweaking and the direction and future content of this blog is still work in progress. So stay tune for it in the upcoming months. 

Packages from last week :)
Here is a sneak peak of my upcoming posts in the forthcoming weeks - heaps of products to try out and share with you guys. At the meantime, I will be having fun playing catch up with the severely backlogged post. 

Till the next post...



나니 said...

Please accept my deepest condolences :C I'm so sorry for your loss - for the family's loss. I lost a close family friend back in February. She was murdered as well. It's still so surreal to me, but I think I'll realize when she doesn't come to the annual dog show that she'd always come to every year. I miss her dearly.. and I truly wish that she'd come back :C Stay strong!

Oh! And congrats on the new crib! : D

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! And I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I had a very similar thing happen to a friend of mine early May who was stabbed to death at a bus stop completely unprovoked on the northern beaches. So shocking and it is still taking a long time to get over. All the best xx

Adeline Er said...

@나니 : Thanks for the kind words. It was such a shame and tragic that a young kid like him was taken so early. My condolences to you too - it must have been hard for you too. BIG HUGS over the internet :D Xx

@thebeautebuzz: It's good to be back. And thank you. It really is sickening and disgusting how lives were taken away by some crazy junkies out there simply because they were in a mood for some trouble. Xx