Monday, July 23, 2012


Threeways, we all like it.  

A product that allows you to use it three ways, that is. (What else were you thinking? #guttermind  =P) 


Well, keep reading y'all. =P

If you have been following ThroughBeautyEyes.Com, you know that I am not exactly the most creative person when it comes to styling my hair. So, when I was invited to participate 2012 Scunci Blogger Contest by the lovely Sophie from Polkadot PR, I thought this is the chance for me to get somewhat "creative". 

Scunci's newest product - the Scunci Pin Twirls

I was a tad skeptical that these tiny little ones is able to hold up the mass of my mane - but never under-judge the little ones. They are stronger than you think! 

TRIPLE TWIRL - Here's my take on the Pin Twirls: 


The good old bun which is simple yet elegant. You can always style it up a little by adding a dainty head-piece or even a fascinator - whatever floats your boat. =P 

Pull your hair up into a bun and instead of securing the bun into place using the conventional bobbi pins or elastic band, simply twirl one of these pins through your bun (or two for extra securitry) and VOILA - you're done! Personally, I like to gently pull a few strands of my fringe for the slightly "messy" look. 


 Whilst I enjoy the versatility of styling my long hair, I do miss my Bob days. However, missing doesn't warrant a visit to the salon and have my hair chopped off. At least not for now. With these pin twirls, I can now rock the Bob look whenever I am in the mood for it without having to chop of my locks. Win- Win situation right here!

Split your hair into half and separate them into two sections, twirl your hair inwards inwards like how you would do with a bun. Once you reached your desirable length, secure the "bun" with a Pin Twirl. Repeat the same step with the other section. Faux bob in less than 10 minutes! Easy peasy! 


Natural wavy curls - almost every girl's dream hairstyle. With all our busy schedule and other commitments, curling iron is not always an option. Running out of time to style your hair before your night out? These pin twirls might be just in time to save your day. 

Simply follow the "faux - bob" instruction and let it stay for at least a couple of hours. Don't forget to set it with abundance of hair spray after. 
(Note: I am unable to comment on the longevity and how long these waves will last as I have yet to experiment them over a long period of time.)

Quick tip - "faux bob" during the day and release these Pin Twirls before your Friday night drinks to achieve these curls! 

Hope you enjoyed the hair styles I created using these Pin Twirls - definitely something fresh and different from my usuals!

Which of the three is your favourite? 
The bun? The faux-bob? Or the wavy curls?

Let me know if you had experiemented these Pin Twirls too! :)



♥ c.angie ♥ said...

Hi cutie pie! damn i havent read blogs for sooo long

Jen said...

I love the last one! ^__^ you look really good with wavy hair ~ :D

Cute_Laurice said...

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