Friday, August 3, 2012


THANK GOD it's FRIDAY, cupcakes!

This week has been dragginggggg on - anyone else is with me? 

Despite this long week, it's unbelievable how quick time has raced by and we are marching into the EIGHTH month of 2012.  2012 hasn't exactly been my year - let's hope the remaining second half of the year is a better one! 

ANYHOOS,  yours truly is in the (rather slow) process of revamping and introducing new topics into ThroughBeautyEyes.Com. I have quite a few ideas in my mind but it's going to be quite some time before they can all be executed. Baby steps people, so bear with me for the time being. =)

Since I am putting more effort into dressing up and am trying to broaden my knowledge in the world of fashion, FASHION FRIDAY will now be my very own lookbook to diarise the stuff I wear. 

My first instalment of Fashion Friday consists of animal prints loafers, coloured tights & faux fur jacket! 

Perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch with the girlfriend. :)

I have been on the hunt for a pair of animal printed loafers for yonkers and of course, when ZU was selling these at a fraction of its original price, Adeline could not say no. Did I mention they were leather too? 

Value buys always give me a great sense of satisfaction - especially for products/ items that I have been lemming for a long time! 

Long sleeve tunic top - Cotton On
Red tights - Cotton On
Faux Fur Jacket - TEMT 
Loafers - ZU
Rings - Online & Malaysia

A lazy sunday also means au naturale FOTD - give your skin some space to breathe! :)

Skip the daily foundation, eyeshadows & eyeliner and go straight to the mascara (to "open up" your eyes), mineral powder (for a light coverage), blush (for a nice glow) & of course your favourite lippie!!

This is definitely one my favourite weekend combos which ticks off the boxes of the 3Cs.
Comfortable, Casual & Chic. 

Hope you enjoy this new fashion "segment" on le blog and let me know if there's anything else that you'd love to see more on this blog! All inputs welcome! :D

What is your ideal lazy Sunday style?



Jen said...

I feel your pain~ TGIF BABY!!! <3 your faux fur jacket looks so warm!! :D Love the OOTD ^^

lucy said...
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Haily Sandy said...

I'm with you on that, this week has been going by so slow it makes me wanna scream. But in fairness those loafers looks wonderful and the fur jacket is very pretty. You sure have your own way of glamming it up.

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Jacquii Lie said...

Look at you the red tights on you and I WANT those loafers. LOVE!

Couture Caddy x

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Anonymous said...


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