Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quickie: Priceline Haul & Review

Given that I am pretty time poor as of late and probably will be in the next two months or so, I thought to include a “Quickie” segment into le blog which pretty much encompasses a quick of anything such as quick haul, quick review, quick introduction to new products, quick launch coverage – just anything short and sweet really. This is just to ensure that this little space of mine doesn’t go unattended for too long. *blows dust off my page*

Just thought I’d put it out there, I am very proud of my self control as my Priceline haul can actually make it under the “quickie” department – I mean, how often do you walk into Priceline and come out with almost nothing? Walk into Priceline to get the essential items, stumble upon newly released items on the way to the check out and these items somehow ended in your shopping bag because you “require” them for the blog, under the name of “research”. Sounds familiar? I rest my case. :P

Two of the three products I bought were repurchased items and one was for “research purposes”. ;)

·         Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover in Medium (RRP$39.95): This was a repurchased item. I was first introduced to Nude By Nature products when I was given a few samples from the Miss Australia Universe Event last year . It was love at first sight touch. This product is perfect for days where I am going for the au naturale look or during summer days where the heat is too overwhelming that liquid products will melt the instance I leave the house. In fact, I have been using this for almost every day ever since my skin decides to go PMS on me with the random outbreak of hives and rashes on my forehead and left cheek. It is light on the skin yet it provides pretty decent coverage on my “problem” areas to prevent me from looking like a lobster. It only seems right to buy a full size product when my sample size ran out.

·         Loreal Gentle Make Up Remover for Eyes and Lips (RRP $12.95): Another repurchased item in the shopping bag. This is my favourite make up remover of all times and I have gone through countless bottles ever since I started wearing make up. It removes waterproof make up with a swipe (or two for some of the better mascaras). Easy peasy! Best part is, it doesn’t strip the moisture off your face in the process.

·         Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Audacious Asphalt (RRP $11.95) : This little gem here has shot to fame the moment it was released and it is a favourite in the beauty bloggers community. I mean, being a beauty blogger and all, I have to do my research and find out what the hype is all about, right? For a fraction of the price of the MAC paint pots, I would say they are very well worth every penny as they are super pigmented and extremely long-lasting. My make up held up well after a whole day at work (approximately 10 hours) PLUS two extra hours of intensive gym session (which includes excessive sweat excretion). Nuff said. I am definitely keen to try out the other colours from this range but unfortunately, they are quite limited in the land down under.

Have you hauled recently or have you been good with your plastic card? ;)
Have you tried any of the above products? Yay or nay?



Dustyn said...

I know exactly what you mean by not being able to walk out of Priceline without an armful of products - my new favourite thing is to just IMAGINE what I could get that same product by shopping on soap.com or Nordstrom.com and ship to my US shipping address :( for shame!

Although those Maybelline eye tattoo cream's are a bargain and I picked ALL of the various colours up thanks to Priceline and Target ;) they were just so irresistible and work so well!

RosyChicc said...

Aww I love the Loreal Makeup Remover! It is the best one I have tried so far! :))


Hair Extensions Australia said...

I have a similar problematic skin with all sizes of acne marks (I call it polka dots) and I was on the the look for a everyday concealer and sun bloc without making my skin oily .. hope Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover can be my savior..thanks for the review,Im going for this.

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Adeline Er said...

@dustyn: That's a good idea though - at least you're "saving" and are able to get way more overseas ;)

@RosyChicc: I know right! They are affordable and get rid of every trace of make up on the face! X

@Hair Extensions Australia: I hope Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover works for you as it really works for me especially if you're looking for something light. :D