Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Happy hump days! 
I could so do with some mid week bubbly time! Who's with me? =P

I am not sure about you, but I tend to "dress up" slightly on Fridays - be it accessories, a "dressier" piece of clothing or even a more sultry make up look. To me, the word "Friday" also act as a double agent for sneaky drink at lunch, after work drinks which may potentially lead to some shenanigans with all the dancing happenin'. 

Instead of sipping a glass of Sauvignon Blanc #LikeAClassyLady at your favourite bar in your Monday-Thursday, prim and proper and maybe a tad boring corporate wear, why not spice up your outfit a little with some accessories?

Here's a breakdown of what I wore last Friday:

 Rose Statement Necklace: EQUIP / Stone Ring:EQUIP / Spiral & Wing rings: EQUIP /Pink Wrist Belt: SPORTS GIRL

Never underestimate what a simple but elegant statement necklace can do to your otherwise casual/dull outfit. 

 See what I mean?

My dress would have looked plain and somewhat casual without the statement necklace! In fact, I had quite a few colleagues wondering if I had a special event that night as they reckon I was "pretty dressed up". In fact, this is one of my more "couldn't be bothered" Friday outfits. 

Dress: Dotti/ Maroon platforms: ZU/ Pea Coat: ASOS / Belt: Forecast/ Rings: Equip/ Wrist Belt: Sports Girl

FOTD: Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick is mad love <3 

Do you "dress up" a little for work on Friday too?
Or are you one of the less lazy ones around who change after work?
What's your current favourite piece of accessories? 

Hope you lovelies are having a great week so far!!

PS: Apologies for the poor quality photos. All photos were taken using my humble iPhone 4S. 



kerker said...

wow it does make a huge difference!!! love the Rose Statement Necklace.

Plumi said...

you look great! haha, and i agree. I tend to put in a little more effort on Fridays and Mondays. (Mondays because I feel so craap and dressing up makes me happier! ;))