Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday Quickie #2

Hi lovelies!!!

It has been a while long time since I last had a Sunday Quickie. And I know, it's almost Tuesday but since I am doing a recap of the happenings of my weekend, I thought I'd classify it under Sunday Quickie series. =) 

Friday started off awesome as my gift from Body Shop arrived at work - something I won from their twitter contest a week ago. :)

The Body Shop Limited Edition London Brush Collection Palette
02 A La Mode

I have gently swatched these colours and they are super pigmented! Can't wait to try them out and create some looks using it. =) 

Have any of you tried their London Brush range?

Instead of the usual Friday night drinks with my workmates, I had dinner and drinks with my "random" friends - Miss Cindy and Miss Juri! 

Why random, one may ask?

Miss Cindy Ngo who blogs at FASHIONABLY YUMMY 
Well, we don't exactly belong to any particular groups such as "uni group", "partying group", "work group"... you catch the drift. But I guess you can classify them under "uni casual work group" since thats where I met Cindy and that's when I got closer to Juri. 

I knew Juri since first year uni but we have been mere acquaintances and got closer when we worked together 2 years later.

I always have the most random outing with these girls and love how we will never run out of topic despite not meeting up for months. We started off at Coach Bar at GPO Martin Place, and hopped to Bungalow 8 at King St Wharf then to Cohi Bar at Darling Harbour and ended the night with Oporto's Bondi Burger cos I am #healthy like that. #suchafatshit


Endota Spa
I had the opportunity to try the half an hour body massage complimentary of Endota Spa last Saturday and it was truly relaxing! Just exactly what I needed after all the assignment and work stress! :) 

More camwhoring pics of my ASOS fuschcia draped blazer featured in THIS post.

MAD LOVE!!! <3

I am praying hard that the weather will warm up towards the end of August as I just got a black dress for a friend's birthday and it would go perfectly well with this draped blazer! Not gonna happen though. :(

Lemon Tart - Le Renaissance Courtyard Cafe @ The Rocks
 This lemon tart was absolutely delicious! It has just the right amount of sugar and I definitely enjoy the tingling feeling from the sourness of the lemon. Do keep in mind, it definitely is on the upper end of the sour scale, so it might not be your cup of tea if you're not a fan of sour stuff. 

Jasmine Green Tea Macaroons - La Renaissance, Courtyard Cafe @ The Rocks
 LOVE IT TOO! I am a huge fan of salted caramel flavoured macaroon but choice were limited that day! No regrets in choosing this though! I love how the desserts from La Renaissance isn't too sweet! 

Blogging about in the wee hours is definitely not the wisest thing to do, innit? =.="

Weather on Saturday was absolutely lovely - sitting at the low 20s in the middle of winter, with the abundance of sunshine! So thankful that I didn't have to cooped up at home slaving away for my assignment or studying.

Wendy's Vodka Lemon Lime & my champers @ The Argyle, The Rocks

 Bitching Catching up over a glass of champers on a lovely Saturday arvo = what more could I ask for? =)

NOTW - Endota Nail Polishes in Richmond


FOTD using La Glam Cosmetics Balinese Princess. (Review and detailed FOTD post soon!) during the Sydney Beauty Bloggers Casual Meet Up on Sunday! 

Knit top - Market City/ Crop pocket shorts - SUPRE
Outfit of the day - I was such a hero to rock my shorts without boots during winter! In my defence, it was fairly warm during the day until later in the arvo when it started raining. =.="

Rings from Lovisa & Equip/ Clutch from Equip

Marc by Marc Jacob Wallet
Yeap! As you can already see, I did go a little crazy with the nail polishes at The Pro Nail Supply Store @ Bankstown. And, so did the other bloggers. 

OPI, China Glaze, ORLY, Seche Vite, China Glaze crackles, ESSIE
Pro Nail Supply carries these nail polishes at a more affordable price for us Aussies! You can be the judge yourself. :)

OPI - $12
China Glaze - $6
China Glaze Crackles - $9
ORLY - $7
Essie - $6
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - $8
Seche Vite Fortified Strengthening - $6
Essie Cuticle Oil - $5

Charcoal Chicken @ Habib, Bankstown
 Love the chips with chicken salt and the charcoal chicken! I can understand what the hype is all about when it comes to Habib chicken but I reckon their food is a little on the salty side, especially the tabouli. I mean, is it even meant to be salty at all?

From top to bottom - FLOMAR True Colour Lipstick 35, FLOMAR Terra Blush-On #43, FLOMAR Terra Blush-On #41, FLOMAR Coral Blush Duo
Finally got my hands on some awesome Flomar goodies after hearing all the good reviews from Lilit!
She is having a GIVEAWAY at the moment and is giving away 2 Flomar blushes! What are you waiting for? 

A big thank you to Michelle who got this goodies for me when she was at Parra a couple of weeks ago because I seldom (almost never) venture past Lidcombe. 

One last thing before signing off.....

So, I entered Grad Solutions Got Balls Photography contest to be in the run to win either an Acer Netbook, a Polaroid Camera and Miss Independent Voucher. As you may already know, I am no longer in uni for a while, I am entering this competition to support my friend who's in charge of this campaign.

It will be greatly appreciated if you girls (or guys, if any) is able to head over to www.facebook.com/GradSolutionsAU, LIKE the PAGE and LIKE THIS PHOTO
Many thanks! ♥ 

What did you get up to during the weekend? Did any massive haulage? 



Haute_Style said...

Can't wait to meet at ABBW- champagne will be consumed! LELELELELE!!

Cindy said...

lol "random" why you always gotta quote me for???

habibs only good for their chips, el jannah is better for the chicken and garlic!! We'll go soon!

xo Cindy


Noniek said...

Awww Lemon Tart is so cute! I really like the design :)
You look pretty when you bun your hair

Me, my best and I said...

You are TOO Funny- voted for you and your bug balls! Loving the hair colour lady + the ASOS blazer, score!

LiLy said...

Hi! You seem got a real swagger! ;p
I blog about current Japanese beauty secrets you may interested. So plz check it out! ThanX!

swatchgirl said...

Haha, this post is too cute. I think I need that Body Shop palette in my life!

Adeline said...

@ Haute Style: Nawwww.... thanks love!!! Yeaps!!! I can't wait to meet you @ ABBW!!! It's gonna be mindblowingly awesome!!! And champers is a must, even that means rockin' up on Sunday, hangover LOL

@Cindy: I quote the truth!!!! <3 TAKE ME THEREEEEEEEEE

@Noniek:The Lemon Tart was ah-ma-zinggggg!!!! Thanks lovely :)

@Julie:Thanks lovely!!!! :)

@Lily: Will do. :P

@Lara: :) The colours are super pigmented!! Just tried them today. Definitely a gem :)