Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little of Everything - I'M Back!

Hey lovelies!

I know, I know. The last time I blogged was 2 weeks ago. *hides face*  This is probably the longest unannounced hiatus I have gone on. I have just been caught up with "what-I-wanna-do-in-life" ie quarter-life-crisis and also my lack of inspiration. 

Today's post is going to be another pictures-loaded-post - with an update of whats been happening in the past 2 weeks. I promise, beauty post resumes after this. I have a couple of swatches sitting in my Picasa album, waiting to be shown to the world of beauty. So, stay tune for that! 

Without further ado.... let's move on to some pikchasssss! :)

LOVIN' the sun!! I can feel that spring is in the airrrrrrr :)
Sydneysiders were graced with the lovely weather filled with sunshine yesterday after a cold and wet Friday! I had lunch with my sister at Arisun in the city followed by dessert at LNC Dessert House.

Clockwise from top left: Mixed Ramen, Salt and Pepper Silver Fish, Green Tea Snow Flakes and Kimchi
I was in need of some hangover food this morning - yumcha or spicy noodle soup. Ended up eating at Arisun near Darling Harbour. I reckon the one in Strathfield is WAY better. 

Mixed Ramen tasted like instant noodles, except it costs 13x more; Salt and Pepper Silver Fish was alright but definitely didn't worth $28. I was stuffed after lunch but cravings not satisfied! I don't think I will be going back Arisun in a very time! 


If you followed me on twitter, you would have seen my "live update" during City2Surf. City2Surf is a 14km marathon which takes place in August every year to raise funds for charity. Yes, you saw it right - 14kms. 

I have always wanted to take part in City2Surf but never really bitten the bullet. I mean, its 14km not 4km and I know my fitness level in the prior years doesn't help either. 

However, I decided to be part of the biggest marathon in Sydney this year 1) I have been to the gym for the past 10 months so my fitness level improved albeit I am still not the fittest and 2) It's about time to suck it up and bite the bullet! 

I am glad I did as I enjoyed myself although I felt like I was rolled over by a truck in the next 2 days and was moaning every 2 steps I took. Definitely looking forward to next year and hopefully I will still be as G-ed as now and will actually train to run the entire 14km. We will see. =) 


Our very own City 2 Surf pose LOL

Gross hair, make-up-less face 
I Made It.. I Made It!
This is definitely the MOST unflattering photo ever posted on Through Beauty Eyes. Dead set. But I thought that it'd be sweet to have a photo of me crossing the finishing line. 

I finished the 14km in 2:27 hours, which was 27 minutes over my expected time LOL Well, in my "defence", this is my first time. My aim for next year is under 2hours! 

The Girls and I @ Sanctuary Hotel for a cold cider and some schnitty post City2Surf! 


More photos from my Friday night outing with Miss Cindy from Fashionably Yummy and Miss J.H. 

Sponge Bob outside Cohi Bar!!
Contacts from Mukuchu.Com and wearing NYX Matte Lip Cream in Milan (SUPER LOVES!)

Sipping CC Dry, Nails - Endota Nail Polish in Richmond
Love this photo taken by Cindy - "innocent" look while sipping on my CC Dry LOL. 

All photos courtesy of Fashionably Yummy


Nail of the Week:

Fuchsia Nails with White Crackles

First, apply 2 generous coat of Sally Hansen HD Nail Colour in Digital

Then, apply a layer of white crackles nail polish (I am using China Glaze White Crackles here) and finish it off with a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I will be replying all the comments today (sorry for such a delay!) and probably draft a couple of posts for the week just so Through Beauty Eyes isn't as dead. =)

Hope you lovelies are enjoying your weekend!

Did any of you run the City2Surf? What are you wearing on your nails this week?



Cindy said...

oooh I like post!

Well done on doing city to surf again, invite me next year hehe


Ashley said...

Congrats on your time! At least you didn't go over your goal time by hours, it was only half an hour!
I bet you'll make it in less than 2 hours next year :)

Adeline said...

@Cindy: Better make sure you don't back out next year! I am aiming for Blue Group :)

@Ashley: Thanks hun! :) That's my aim next year hehe