Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UPDATES & INSTAGRAM-ED : Yours Truly is Back From Another Hiatus

Howdy howdy! 

It has been way too long since I last updated. Once again, my apologies. I have been going through another self-proclaimed "quarter-life-crisis" with respect to where my career is taking me and I find the need to take a step back and have that sorted. Unfortunately, it's no where near "sorted" but this poor little avenue of mine need to be shown a little love before the dust is getting a tad too thick. :) 

I have albums full of reviews and FOTDs to post - which will most probably come sporadically as I have now started my final technical module of my Chartered Accountant Program (Yay! nearly there :D). So, stay tune for this place. 

As usual, I always come back with an "update" post filled with a gazillion pictures after a hiatus. What's new? ;) For those who follows me on instagram (search for ThroughBeautyEyes! :D) have probably seen these pictures. 

(1) GYM GEAR in PINK! :) BUT, I misplaced those gorgeous gloves after ONE wear - am still super cut over my loss. Gotta get around to hunting a new pair. :(

(2) MELONS - Watermelon & Rockmelon for morning tea

(3) Homemade peri-peri chicken salad - super NOMS

(4) Simple pleasure in life - a glass of white over lunch. :)

(5) A special surprise from the Australis ladies - the brand new crystal colour holographic top coat

(6) Final result of Blackmail + Speck-tacular <3 

(7) Eurobar at Brighton Le Sands - Grilled chicken burger with super delicious chips with chilli powder and a hint of lime! 

(8) Spotted: Cronulla Beach


(9) Drinks with the gorgeous girls @ Zeta Bar (Jenny, Maria, Christina)

(10) Brunch with the blogging girls :) (LilitMaria,Christina,Cindy)

(11) A spontaneous but epic Friday night with Amy and Janice <3 

(12) A typical Friday FOTD with heavier eye make up - featuring Face of Australia Lychee Crush here

(13) Hands down BEST SHOESTRINGS FRIES ever @ Bar Luca! 

(14) Brunch @ Narrabeen Beach 

(15) 2 for 1 cocktails Thursday @ The Argyle 

(16) The book I am currently reading - going VERY slowly but getting there. :) 
(PS: I felt a tad Carrie with the Cosmo & Starbucks :D)

(17) Face of Australia unsung hero - Power Surge, perfect for a lazy day. Simply pair it with a cat-winged liner and I am set. :)

(18) One of my work outfit of the day which could simply pull off as an after-work outfit.
Top from Nichi Malaysia/ Beige blazer from Dotti. 

(19) Breakfast #likeaboss - Rye toast with avocado, smoked salmon and rocket leaves. 

(20) PEKING DUCK! Nuff said. 

(21) Standard Friday lunch with a glass of wine. What is accompanying me last Friday was grilled fish with salad on the side @ Bona Fides. :)

(22) The nerd and her CC Dry, celebrating the "success" of passing her third CA module by HALF.A.MARK. #CountingMyFreakinBlessings

(23) Outfit of the day on a Casual Friday :)
Animal printed top & black leather sachet bag from Zara/ Harem pants and bracelets from Malaysia/ Platforms from ASOS/ Rings from Equip

(24) Sydney at 8pm. Simply breath-taking. 

(25) Bubbly Mint is my current addiction - Finished almost an entire bar yesterday. #IAmSuchAFatShit

(26) FOTD using Sisley Mystic Harmony Autumn Collection featuring Phyto Ombre Eclat in Stardust, Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Burgundy and Phyto Blush Eclat #1 Duo Peach

(27) Sun-baking and brunching @Balmoral Beach on a sunny Saturday. 

(28) Look who it is again with CC Dry @Ivy Pool. :P

So yeap, that's pretty much what's  happenin with my life lately (which has been documented on instragram #ILoveInstagram :D). I am hoping to jump back on the blogging bandwagon as my "to-blog" folder is going to explode pretty soon! 

It's good to be back! :)


Friday, February 10, 2012


Sleepy Time?  *yawns* Wait! Don’t forget to restore your skin overnight, dear beauties.
I admit, I am probably one of the laziest person you ever know but I do, however make a point to slap on some skin care on my face before hitting the sack. (whether it is thorough or done within 10 seconds, that’s another story. =P)

I know – it is an effort having to apply skin care after that long, hot (or cold if it’s scorching hot) shower and all you wanna do is crash in your comfy bed. That’s precisely how I feel every day, most of the day anyways. BUT, our skin needs to regenerate, repair and replenish what it has lost during the day as a result of protecting itself against internal and external aggressors.

Following its successful introduction of the revolutionary Midnight Recovery Concentrate, KIEHLS brings you its ideal companion Midnight Recovery Eye to help achieve fresher, younger looking eyes in the morning by diminishing puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles.

In conjunction with the launch of the Midnight Recovery Eye, one lucky ThroughBeautyEyes reader will receive a full size Midnight Recovery Eye and a Peter Alexander Eye Mask, thanks to KIEHLS and EGPR.


Mandatory: (1 entry)
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Answer the following question:

“What is your worst facial disaster?”

Personally, I can’t think of anything real bad at the top of my head now but my sister once used this Wakilala Japan ARMPIT Clear Wash as a facial cleanser for almost a week!!!
That’s right, true story. She wouldn’t have realised if she didn’t go on and on about how awesome the “cleanser” was and asked where did I buy it from. My sister was lucky that she didn’t have any break outs or anything but the thought of having an UNDERARM cleanser on my FACE is enough to freak me out.

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Additional Information:
*This giveaway will run for 2 weeks, ending on 24 February 2012, 23:59 AEST.
*This giveaway is open to Australian Residents only (Sorry my international readers!)
*Winners will have 72 hours to forward me their details.

*As mentioned, this giveaway is sponsored by KIEHLS and EGPR.:D

Good luck and I look forward to reading your answers! I might even do a blog post on the comments I receive, just so the rest of us do not make the same mistake!

“One Night, Two Drops, Younger Looking Eyes By Morning”

Have a good weekend lovelies!! :D


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Remember I said that there will be a part 2 coming up when I reviewed about the EOS J203 Adult Green lenses HERE last week? Except that instead of the next day, it took me more than a week for Part 2. Standard. 


This is definitely more subtle and less over the top compared to the Green lenses, and the black rims give a pretty good enlargement effect. 

Be the judge yourself and spot the difference. :P

With lenses, without make up. 

With lenses, with make up.

A close up of the lenses.

As you can tell, the Max Pure Gray "blends" in better with my natural eyes colour and its less over the top. 

Just like the previous review, after the comparison shots and how it looks like when worn, let's move on to What I Think about these lenses:

Color/ Pattern: This colour is pretty subtle and is suitable for everyday wear if you're a circle lenses person.  This could be another alternative if light brown/ honey coloured ones are a tad too bright for a start up colour. 

Comfort: These lenses are pretty comfortable for circle lenses standard - I am able to wear them for a good 6-7 hours before having to apply eye drops. And don't worry, it feels the same as the normal lenses when worn. :)

Enlargement: This lenses give a better and bolder enlargement effect compared the the green ones, in which I love as the enlargement is perfect - just the way I like it. ;)

Price: I think its pretty reasonable at $20.00 per pair, especially you can get at least 6 months use out of it (it claims that you can wear up to 2 years but I don't think I will risk it especially I am a lazy ass when it comes to lense care).

OVERALL: I like these ones as much as the Adult Green but I will probably wear this more often than the other as this is slightly more subtle. If these were the exact prescription, there's actually possibility that I might be a daily-circle-lense-convert. :P Highly recommended for those who are just about to start out with circle lenses. :)

View the entire Max Pure Collection HERE

I noticed that the grey lenses makes me look more anime, especially when I am wearing nude lips. ;P

As promised, I will be sharing a discount code for you readers for Kiwiberry. And, I don't make empty promises!!! (always delayed but never empty :D)

Simply use the following code for a 15% off Kiwiberry  :


And no, I did not forget about the giveaway that ended 2 weeks ago and we have a winner here!!!! :D

The winner of my Kiwiberry Giveaway is:

JEN from NYNB!!!

Congrats girlie!!!
You're now the proud owner of a pair of new lenses, a box of lashes and a 50% code for your next purchase! :)

Don't forget to email me your postal address and the lenses of your choice at
throughbeautyeyes [at] gmail [dot] com. :D

Are you a fan of grey lenses? 
Or are they too subtle for you?

Once again, special thanks to Kiwiberry for sponsoring this giveaway and giving me the opportunity to try out these gorgeous lenses. :)

Happy Thursday ladies!!! THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY again tomorrow! This week has been such a drag!! Look our for this space tomorrow as I have another surprise coming up for you ladies. :)

Disclaimer: These lenses were sent to me for consideration and review purposes. I am in no way affiliated with KIWIBERRY, nor am I being compensated for this post or any sales made. All opinions stated are 100% honest. For more information, please review Through Beauty Eye's disclosure policies


Thursday, February 2, 2012

ASIA HAUL 2012 #1 - SINGAPORE DUTY FREE ft Chanel, Shiseido, Victoria Secret & Revlon

It's the EVE again, thank god! So glad it's nearly the weekend, work has been barely bearable this week. In order to "celebrate" that we are closer to the weekend, I shall share the first loot of my Asia Haul - stuff that I purchased from Singapore Duty Free. 
(No, I didn't buy half the Duty Free shop. :P I am actually pretty proud of my self-control. :D)

Before going ahead with the loot, may I reiterate how ridiculously priced beauty products are in Australia. A Revlon lipstick here is almost the price of a Chanel lipstick from Singapore Duty Free! Preposterous, I know. I believe, this is probably a good reason for me to stick to my no-hauling-in-Australia-ban. :P

Anyhoo, without any ado, it's time to share the love  as well as the pain of my poor purse

Singapore Duty Free haul - told cha I was being good. :P

It's about time I popped my Chanel cherry - my first Chanel purchase. :)

Chanel Illusion D' Ombre in Illusoire (SGD 38.50)

Look at how pretty it looks. In fact it's too pretty to be used! I haven't touched this baby besides a few "photoshoots". Should probably take Illusoire out for a "test drive" soon after all the praises it received in the blogosphere. 

Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Comete (SGD$ 33.50)

The classic Chanel design.

Simple but chic and classy! Me love!

With Flash

Without flash
Rose Comete is a frosty baby pink colour. It is a rather unique colour, not something I would use on a daily basis though. Swatches to come sooner than you say ABC. :P

Next up, 

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Parfait in PK 307 (SGD$ 33)

Being the twitter stalker I am LOL, I knew I had to give the Rouge Parfait range a try when I stumbled upon Cheri and Dana's conversation on the awesomeness of this range. 

With Flash

Without Flash
Compared to Chanel Rose Comete, Shisedo's Rouge Parfait in PK307 is way more wearable and will be probably be on high rotation once I am back to natural pink "lip phase" again. 

As mentioned earlier, swatches to come faster than you saying ABC. Not lying there peeps! 

With Flash

Without Flash
Next up, my Revlon loot. :)

The lipsticks were a quarter of the Australian price (I KNOW RIGHT!) and the eyeshadow palettes were at least half the price here (See what I mean by ridiculous price?)

Revlon Custom Eye Palettes in Party Pop and Naturally Glamorous (SGD$ 12.95)

These palettes come with 5 gorgeous colours - albeit not with the best pigmentations, they are really smooth and glide on easily on your lids. Naturally Glamorous is great for starters (as a start up kit) as well as an awesome palette for your make up bag (as a touch up kit) as it has all the colours you need - from highlights to v-brow colour. I came across Party Pop when it was used on  me at the Revlon Luscious Pumping Mascara Event a while ago. Great spring/ summer palette but I have yet to try it out! Whist Party Pop and Naturally Glamorous are palettes that I adore, with great colours, I don't think I would fork out the full Australian price for it. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Softsilver Rose (SGD 7.95)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wild Orchid (SGD 7.95)

When I saw the Super Lustrous range was only SGD 7.95, I could not resist. Heck, its cheaper than a bowl of salad or my favourite sandwich here! I was hoping to pick up Siren, which was also used at the    Revlon Luscious Pumping Mascara Event but unfortunately, they didn't have it at the Duty Free. So, I picked up another pearly bright fuchsia lipstick named Wild Orchid and also a pearly coral-pink lipstick named Softsilver Red.

Swatches as below:

With Flash
Without Flash

Due to the lack of brands in Australia (need I emphasize more on this point again?), a Duty Free trip isn't complete without a Victoria Secret purchase! Agree, no?

VS Beauty Rush Fragrance Mist in Sweet Tease and VS Fragrance Mist in Gorgeous 
(SGD 22.95 and SGD 14.95)

I love love love these 2 fragrance mists - they are perfect for a little pick me up after a long day. Yes, smelling absolutely yummy is a form of pick me up too! :) My sisters reckon Sweet Tease is way too sweet and it's a tad revolting (imagine "yucks" coming from them everytime I spray) lol but I love it cos I love sweet scent - think: DKNY Delicious, SJP New York City... you get the jizz. :)

That's all I got from Duty Free. Truth to be told, there will probably be a couple more stuff in my shopping bag if I wasn't short of time. Another good way to reduce spending in a Duty Free - pick the connecting flight with the shortest transit time. :)

Hope you enjoy this Duty Free Haul Post - more Asia Haul post to come! 

Have you been travelling lately?
Did you break your bank account with Duty Free Shopping?
Don't forget to share your hauls :P