Tuesday, November 19, 2013


One of the few things that gets me really excited is discount.

Great discount.

Not your pathetic get $5 rebate for spending $200 (which is a mere 2.5% off btw) or 10% off some low price point items.

Who's with me?

Well, great news to you beauty lovers, my favourite drugstore in town, Priceline (kinda like Walmart in the States but not as cool) will be having 40% off all beauty products today(19 Nov 2013) and tomorrow (20 Nov 2013)!

This Products I Love segment will be a few of my recommendations of products that are “Hot Right Now”, some were provided for trial by the brands and some were purchased but they are all my current FAVs (and a few repurchased item!):

-          Face of Australia Budge Proof Eyeshadows in Violet Rays, Bling Bling & Bronze Sphinx* 
I have raved about these eyeshadows in my recent Products I Love: Spring Edition post a while ago and still loving them. They are part of my daily make up routine – colours depending on my mood and weather of the day. Violet Rays is perfect for smokey eyes, Bling Bling for summer-peachy look and Bronze Sphinx for your fail-proof neutral eyes. Click HERE for swatches.

-          Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer in Light 
This concealer contains Olay regerist serum and specially-blended pigments to combat dark circles. The creamy consistency, hydrating and lasting formula made this a star product! I bought this about a month ago and have already gone through half a tub of it. The hoarding nature in me is considering buying a backup because you know, I have 10 pair of eyes that need concealing daily. #hoarderproblems

-          Cover Girl Clean Glow Blusher in 100 Roses*
I was sent this blusher about 3 weeks ago and it has become my almost every-day blush since. 100 roses is a natural, warm berry colour which goes perfectly well with my darker skin in the hotter days. I like to pair this with my Nude by Nature Natural Bronzer for the sunkissed look.

-          Face of Australia Carnivale in Summer Lovin (Bright Pink), Mango Slurpee (Orange) and Masquerade (Purple with Glitter Chunks)*

TOP: Summer Lovin; BOTTOM: Mango Slurpee

Remember all those mornings when you wake up only to realise that your freshly painted nails are filled with sheet marks? Well, sheet marks is now a trend with the brand new sandy finish formula for both Summer Lovin and Mango Slurpee.
As for Masquerade, it’s the ideal choice of polish when you are looking for something girly and “loud” with ALL THE GLITTERS!

-          Cover Girl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in 215 (Baby Pink) and 235 (Coral)*
Hotter days = sweaty me = light-weighted products will take preference for day to day wear. I am still very much in love with my bold, pigmented  lipsticks but these Gloss Balms are a better alternative on a scorching, casual day out. Lasting power is amazing and pigmentation is pretty good for a “gloss balm” – not overly sheer as I am not a fan of sheer colour balm. Definitely a summer handbag essential, me thinks. 

-          Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation in Medium
My HG mineral foundation - had repurchased this twice, once HERE and another one made in the last Priceline 40% sales. As I have pretty sensitive skin and it goes cray cray on me from time to time, this is probably the only “foundation” that is able to provide decent coverage and doesn’t sting. My everyday face routine involves this + tinted moisturiser or BB cream depending on the coverage I am looking for.

-          Nude by Nature Natural Bronzer
My to – go Summer bronzer. First discovered this in my goodie bag from Miss Universe Australia 2011 Party and had also repurchased this in the last Priceline 40% sales. This colour is a little too dark for winter but perfect for summer. It works best with a huge blush brush that allows you to blend evenly. Don’t use anything to dense as you will probably end up looking like Snooki. :P

-          Face of Australia Eyebrow Kit*
As you can see, the gel part is almost hitting pan. I use this on most days (except lazy days) and its one of the best eyebrow kits in the market. Love that it doesn’t have a hefty price tag for a product of such high quality. WIN. On to my 40% shopping list you go, Mr Eyebrow Kit.

-          Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel
This has been my HG Eyebrow pencil before I discovered the Face of Australia Eyebrow Kit. I still use this on a lazy day when I ceebs drawing my brows with a brush and I always have one of these in my makeup bag – just in case any touch up is required.
40% off – definitely stocking up. #GottaStopBeingAHoader

-          Face of Australia Tinted Moisturiser*
I am a huge fan of tinted moisturiser for day-to-day use and selected BB creams (which doesn’t result in me looking like a geisha). For full coverage, I am definitely loyal to my HG foundation  - Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (as seen HERE and HERE).  Mild coverage, light weight and matching skin tone makes this my daily pick – to be applied before applying the Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation in medium.

-          Australis Curve Eyeliner (not pictured)
With the curve design making flicking achievable, even for amateurs, this is my second favourite eyeliner after my HG Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (which is irreplaceable at the moment). I bought this when I ran out of my Dolly Wink Liquid Liner and was pretty impressed with it. Easy to control, dark and pigmented ( don’t you just hate those liquid liner which aren’t and appears like a grey line when applied?) and the ultra thin brush means that you could control the thickness of your line when applying. Bingo.
To repurchase or not, considering that I still have a backup of my Dolly Wink Liquid Liner?

  Hope you're taking advantage of this 40% off on Priceline! However, make sure you don't overspend and be a massive hoarder like me
A little tip: MAKE a list before entering the store before unnecessary damage. :P

Have you tried any of these products?
What's on your shopping list?

Disclaimer: Products marked with asterisk(*) were provided for consideration. I am not compensated for this post or any sales made from these products. For more information, please refer to ThroughBeautyEyes' disclosure policies.  


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