Sunday, November 17, 2013

What now? ThroughBeautyEyes.Com 3.0

Why, hello there.

If any of you have been following my posts over the past couple of months, I kept mentioning these words along the line - revamp, refocus, rethink the direction of "Through Beauty Eyes" but nothing has been done to date.

"Inspiration without execution is simply hallucination" 

What started of as a hobby and love for beauty products has somehow developed into a brand, whilst not quite intentionally. Don't get me wrong, I am no where near as many twitter followers as the newest Big Brother housemates nor am I gaining VIP passes to international fashion shows to share the front row view with my 888k Instagram followers. But hey, I do have a few people that listen to shit I post on the World Wide Web and double tap the #foodporn or #fitspo I post on Instagram. 

After reading the entire Personal Branding for A Better Life series on Entrepreneur.Com (GREAT website BTW), it got me rethinking about the rebranding plan I had for ThroughBeautyEyes.Com. 

I think the main reason the rebranding didn't end up happening (or kept being pushed behind) is I got lost somewhere along the way of what "brand" do I want to portray to the public eyes. I try to recreate a brand that "fits" into a certain structure because apparently that's how you make money. Also, I subconsciously make "beauty products" the core of my brand and try to fit everything else around it as that was how this blog started. However, as I grow older (and I'd like to think slightly wiser), my undivided attention for beauty products has beens slightly deviated over the past few years. No, my love for bright, bold lipsticks still remains but my attention is now cheating with a whole lot of other things too. What a wh0rebag my attention can be. ;P 

As a result, I stopped writing/ ranting regularly because it became quite a chore to keep up with a regular posting schedule focusing on a single topic. Writing was never my forte (I am more of a number nerd) and I can probably never master the art of writing. Hence, 99% of my posts were written like how I would speak in real life. (I think if I would ever need to podcast my posts, I could just read the entire post out without needing a script. #justsayin :P)

ANYHOOS, I digress

Point is - rather than trying to craft a "blog business model" and focusing on ONE topic, I am going to just 

No, I have not all zen-ed out and decide to turn this into a coaching blog. A glass of green power smoothie and a few cacao balls ain't gonna make my life beautiful. I am still superficial and like pretty things. Don't worry, there will still be a lot of features on beauty products especially good & cheap buys (who doesn't like a cheap and quality purchase. It almost feels like winning the lottery. Kinda.) and lotsa lipsticks (Well, because my name is Adeline and I have lipsticks addiction). 

Clockwise from top:
Laurent Perrier @ Langham Sydney | Black Coffee Lyrics @ Surfers Paradise | Espresso Martini @ Cafe Lounge

On top of the ones mentioned above, "beauty" in "ThroughBeautyEyes" now encompasses a whole lot of other stuff - anything that makes life beautiful (how cliche of me. HA). In another words, it can be my favourite pub/ bars with awesome happy hour cheap drinks (trust that to be first on the list), "elevator selfie" #ootd (because I do not have a photographer boyfriend to take model shots of me), cosy little cafes around Sydney, social media related (because social media involves more than double tapping and swipping right :P) and even as far as anything data-related (my new discovery which I find somewhat fascinating). 

And no, I did not miss out on health and fitness. Fitness is such a huge part of my life that I dedicate an entire website to talk about it. Have I mentioned I talk alot? IF health & fitness is something thats up your alley, head over to and for further updates which are mostly #fitspo #gymtime & #healthyfoodporn related.  

This is going to be slow transformation as I will be testing different waters and expanding my "horizons". And this time, instead on focusing on coming up with an entire new layout/ logo and "brand name", I will start with the content first and slowly mold it and shape it to the desired brand I want. I am not going to lie - I can't promise that this will be updated 5 times a week but I will try my very best. For more frequent (and less wordy) updates, be sure to follow me on:



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Just fucking consolidate all your blogs into one. Geez.

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